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Making The Most Of Your Maternity Leave

Lots of women have the wrong idea when it comes to maternity leave. They think they’re just going to be on the sofa watching daytime TV – while there’s nothing wrong with this from time to time, there are ways you can make the most of your maternity leave so you feel happy and satisfied throughout. This guide will help you to make the most of your maternity leave:

Allow Yourself Some Me Time

Don’t finish work too close to your due date, if possible. You won’t have any time to enjoy by yourself. You should allow yourself some time after you finish work, before you have the baby in order to take hot baths, read books, watch films, and get plenty of sleep. These things will become precious luxuries once you have your baby!

Get Fit

Nobody is expecting you to become the next female weightlifting champion, or even run a marathon. However, the fitter you are before the birth, the easier time you’ll have and the faster you’ll spring back afterwards. Light exercise before the birth will help you to feel great and assist you during the birthing process. You can try yoga for pregnant women if you want something low impact! Long walks afterwards can help you to get back into shape, too – don’t feel pressured to head to the gym for hours. Mother’s fitness groups can be a huge help, too!

Staying fit while you’re pregnant is healthy, and any bit of exercise that you do afterwards is beneficial and will make you feel good about yourself. You want those extra endorphins as this can be a huge change in your life and you may feel confused from time to time!

Communicate With Your Baby

What’s one of the most frustrating thing about becoming a new mother? Many would probably tell you about the time your baby is crying but you can’t figure out how to soothe them. There are special ways you can soothe your baby without using words, as well as find out what they want. You can go to a class that teaches hand gestures, or baby signing. Babies can control their hands way before their vocal chords, so this could help you to know exactly what your baby needs and create a special bond. It’ll make your life easier and you’ll likely be so much happier!  

Make The Most Of Your Baby’s Nap Times

They say that when your baby is sleeping, you should be sleeping. This is especially true at the beginning. However, you might be too wired to sleep. If this is ever the case, don’t spend your time doing unconstructive things, like scrolling facebook. Do something constructive instead. You don’t have to climb a mountain or write a novel if you don’t have the energy. You could try a new hobby, such as drawing or knitting. You could even start a business from home, or look into doing it when your baby is older. If you’re dreading going back to work, you could research a new career. This may mean not using your maternity scrubs assortment again, or looking into it in the future if you decide to have another baby. Think about where you’d like to be in the future and how you can get there.

Make Mommy Friends

If none of your other friends are parents or their children are completely different ages to yours, it can be a good idea to make some mommy friends. See where you can meet them – you might see one with their baby while doing some shopping in the supermarket, or just going on a walk like you. Don’t be afraid to approach them. See if you can find a mix of working mom friends and moms who don’t plan on going back to work, if you’re unsure of what you’re going to do yet. Working moms experience similar schedules and issues, so it can be helpful to have them if you are going back to work. If you’re not going back, you probably won’t see one another when their maternity leave is up.

Arrange Fun And Beat Mommy Brain

Try to make a list of things you want to do before mommy brain takes over. So, for instance, write down books and movies you’ll always wanted to read and see. This way, you won’t be thwarted by mommy brain when you want to do something fun.

Keeping In Touch With Your Workplace

If you do plan on going back to work, keeping in touch with your workplace is a good idea. Lots of places have these strategies in place now. It stops you from feeling out of your depth when you go back, and you can keep up with everything that has gone on in your absence. It might be a good idea to see if you can work one or two days at home while your baby is still young. Any good workplace will allow flexibility in this day and age. You could also see if you can start with three days a week before building yourself back up.

Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal can be a fabulous way to sort out your feelings and thoughts when you might feel a little confused. You can write out how you feel about motherhood, what you’d like to accomplish, how you feel about missing work, and so on.

Plan Small, Manageable Goals

It’s ok to have really small, manageable goals when you’ve become a mother. Set a goal to shower. Something that was once so insignificant will quickly become a big accomplishment when you have a baby.

Become Ok With The Way Things Are

You’re going to be tired, you’ll likely look dishevelled, and you probably won’t always have the energy to do the things you really wanted to do during your maternity leave. Make sure you become ok with your new reality. It’s not forever, it’s just another chapter in your life.

Live In The Moment

Don’t live in the past or the future. Appreciate the moment. You know if you’re not living in it because you’re worrying!