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Sexual drugs and what they do

Whether you have many sexual partners or just one regular one, it is really important that you take care of your sexual health in whatever way that you can. Changes in culture over the years have made this even more important because drugs are used more than ever, especially when it comes to sex.

Sexual drugs and what they do

Drugs like these Liquid Gold Poppers and others are often used nowadays to enhance sexual experience in some way. This is often done for recreational purposes but even if you are not a regular drug user, it is still important that you are very careful about what you take and when you take it. This isn’t limited to just sexual acts with other people as many of these substances are used by those looking to enhance the pleasure of a solo experience, often in conjunction with porn or a good camming site. To this end you may ask yourself what entails a good cam site and is cam soda good? One can only answer this question for themselves by doing their research, same as with the following drugs. Let’s take a deeper look at how certain drugs are often used for sexual purposes.


There are a couple of different ways that alcohol can affect sex. For one, it is likely to let down your inhibitions and could also make you hornier as a result. Becoming tipsy or drunk could make you more sexually confident and likely to experiment with different things sexually. You might be more likely to take more risks when you are in this position but it is even more important that you keep yourself safe by practicing safe sex.


Cannabis or marijuana is a mood-changing drug and is often smoked before sex to heighten the sexual experience. It can make touches extra sensitive and it can also lower your inhibitions. Cannabis sometimes makes orgasms less powerful and can also put you off sex because it can leave you feeling sleepy.


Taking ecstasy can make you very horny and extra sensitive but it can make it harder to orgasm and for men to get an erection. Some people will take a combination of ecstasy and viagra to combat this problem. Be careful when mixing any kind of drugs, especially if you have not taken them before or are unaware of the right dosage.


Poppers are known by several other names with poppers being the most common. It is commonly used as a sexual drug, particularly amongst the gay community. Strong poppers increase horniness, lower inhibitions, and can also make orgasms even stronger. One of the other unique effects of poppers is that it relaxes the sphincter, which is the muscle in the arsehole. It makes it easier to have anal sex and other acts involving the anus. It is important to be safe when using poppers, practicing safe sex is a must to avoid the spread of HIV and other STD’s!


Viagra is a well-known sexual drug that is usually taken by men in order to help them maintain and achieve an erection. Viagra fights against erectile dysfunction and can also make the person hornier. While viagra can be very effective, it is important not to take more than one within a 24 hour period or you could see adverse side effects.

The drugs mentioned can definitely heighten sexual pleasure and make sex more enjoyable but like with anything, it is really important to be safe. Having sex with a condom prevents the risk of STD’s and this is even more vital if your inhibitions are lowered from taking sexual drugs.