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5 Tips for Planning a Memorable 21st Birthday

A 21st birthday is a very exciting celebration and in many countries around the world is a very big deal. In the United States, it means you’re of legal drinking age, and now able to go out to clubs. Because of this fact, it’s usually a huge celebration that often lasts into the early hours of the next morning. If you’re close to celebrating your own 21st birthday, or that of someone you care about, please keep reading for my top 5 tips for planning a memorable 21st birthday.

1. Get Custom Invites
Invitations really set the mood for your party, before anyone’s even stepped in the door. You can really find the perfect 21st birthday party invitation that will suit your celebrations perfectly. When you’re celebrating something special like your 21st birthday, custom party invitations can make it feel like a big occasion. You can have so much fun choosing every detail to suit your celebration perfectly, from beautiful foils, through to a matching envelope. If you’re a little apprehensive about how your invites will turn out, why not try ordering one of their Custom samples to see how your invite looks? You can make any final adjustments before placing your custom party invitations order. Ready to get planning your invites? Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 

2. Don’t Be Shy on the Booze

If you and your friends are of legal drinking age, why not make some classy cocktails for everyone to enjoy? You don’t have to get drunk to have a good time, but a tiny bit of social lubrication can go a long way. Be sure to think about those guests who may be underage, or may prefer not to drink too. Some flavored sparkling water can be a nice alternative for them, alongside the standard sodas.

3. Get a Polaroid Camera
While nowadays everyone has a camera in their back pocket, so few of us actually getting around to printing any photos. For this reason, I always suggest having a Polaroid camera at any birthday celebration. It’s such a fun way to capture the night. You can even take it a step further and set up a book where people can stick their pictures in and write a little birthday note to you. This will be such a fun memento of the night that you can treasure for years to come.

4. Consider a Trip Away
If Covid-19 is threatening to impact your birthday celebrations, why not shake it up a bit. Many countries around the world are limiting gathering numbers at the moment, and if that’s true where you are, why not plan a intimate trip away. You can still create fun custom birthday invites, but instead of having a large party you and your closet friends can rent a house together somewhere. If you have any friends or family that can rent you a house, all the better!

5. Think About Your Guest’s Safety

It’s important to think about how people are going to get home from your party or celebration. Be sure to call anyone an Uber who might not be safe to drive, or ask a friend who’s not drinking to get them home safely. This is especially important if you live somewhere without good evening public service systems. Have a plan in place so that you can ensure that everyone gets home safely after having a wonderful time at your party!