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8 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day during Pandemic

Valentine’s day is that time of the year when we express our love for special ones, we give them surprises, buy gifts for them, go on a date night, and so on. Well, things are quite different his year, Valentine’s day from home is the only option this time. But, don’t worry, you guys can still surprise your better half with amazing ideas and leave them stunned. You know you can make everything right for them by just following our ideas and voila! You are good to go.

Check out our ideas below to make this valentine’s day from home a romantic one-

  1. Prepare a special dinner with your partner- A couple that cooks together stays together! Well, you can express love for your significant other in the kitchen too by cooking dinner together. If you are a good cook, you can buy various fancy meal kits from the market and prepare a good meal. Preparing dinner, setting a table for a mini date, and eating while sharing love talks will help you get even more close to each other. You can surprise them by bringing lavender wine, a classy little touch of elegance for the perfect dinner.
  2. Plan a spa session- We all get tired sitting in front of our laptops or phones all day long due to work from home. Everyone deserves a good relaxing date to spend some quality time with their special ones while not caring about the workload. You can surprise them with a spa session by arranging all the home spa must-have kits on valentine’s day and have a relaxing night. Make love with your significant other while having a spa session in puffy robes.
  3. Arrange a movie night- Watching movies with your lover by your side on Valentine’s day can never go wrong. You can turn your home into a theatre by getting a projector at home and watching a movie on a huge wall. Decorate your beds or area you are planning to stay in all night with roses and candles to build a whole new aroma in the room. The aesthetic vibes will make you and your partner feel warm and special. The dreamy and romantic movie date will be done right.
  4. Treasure Hunt Activity- You can plan a treasure hunt activity filled with love and memories for your special person on Valentine’s day. All you have to do is collect some of the items that hold special importance in both of your lives and hide them up anywhere in your house. Write some clues down in the form of cute little texts on paper and place them along with the treasures which will lead them to the next item. By this, you can make your partner feel special step by step as they head towards each clue placed with a treasure-filled love and emotions.
  5. Get dressed up well for a date at home- Even if you are going to stay at home with your partner, you can still dress up well. Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner with Valentine Theme which can be arranged in budget by planning early and quick shopping online at stores that have valentine’s day offers, Also you plan a personalised photo wine bottle and drink some wine, click some goofy pictures and make love. There is nothing wrong with dressing up all classy for your loved one and arranging a mini proposal to recreate moments of your love. Make them feel special in every way and make this valentine’s day a memorable one.
  6. Bring your creative selves out- You can buy some DIY essentials from various stationery and create something you can cherish all your lives. You can also order a valentine’s day DIY kit and get cozy with your partner while making stuff for each other where you can paste your pictures, write cute messages and attach items that make your partner happy. Transfer this cute and creative date night into a romantic one while sharing emotional messages for your significant other.
  7. Buy a matching pair of undies– It may sound funny to you but valentine’s day is going to be at home this year and cuddling is mandatory. So, why not add a pinch of fun to it? Buy matching pairs of undies and loungewear for you and your partner. This is going to be too much fun when you guys will be all dressed up in matching undies and have a cuddled up session for the whole night.
  8. Order some happy delights from your favorite restaurants- You must be having some common favorite restaurants list on your mind. Try ordering food from those restaurants and recreate love while having the same food you used to have when you all used to go there on the special day. That one favorite dish of yours from the same restaurant can bring all your memories right in front of your eyes and make you both emotional. This valentine’s day you can order cute meals and desserts for your date and enjoy your Sunday night.

These were some of the ideas you can take inspiration from while arranging a date night at home on Valentine’s Day which is on Sunday this year. You got lucky! Plan a romantic, satisfying night with your special one and make it cherishable. All the best!