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Plant Some Roots In A Sunnier Climate

We’ve all had that feeling – particularly during harsh winters – when we just want to quietly retreat somewhere warmer for a few weeks. However, it takes time to save money for your dream vacation, and by the time you’ve booked a holiday the worst of winter is already over. However, if you already have a place to escape to, then half your booking problems are sorted. People who have a holiday home can make a little extra money by renting it out to other holidaymakers, so you could put those earnings towards your next flight out there. If birds get to migrate during winter, then why can’t you? Here are a few cities where you’d be more than welcome to plant some roots.

Tallahassee, Florida

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Unlike Orlando or Miami, Tallahassee doesn’t attract a huge crowd of tourists throughout the year, so you’re more likely to get some peace and quiet. Families can enjoy some exciting excursions to the many museums, alligator viewings, and a visit to Lofty Pursuits (part candy store, part classic ice cream parlour, and part toy store). Now is a good time to buy a winter home in Tallahassee as a former plantation in the South East has become a planned community; visit to check out the available properties. You can have your pick of over 1,800 single family homes and 275 townhouses, depending on your budget, and how much you think you could charge for rent.

Tuscany, Italy

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Right now, it’s a great time to buy in Italy because the prices have fallen, and recent research forecasts a further average price fall of 1.6 percent. To give you a better idea, the average real selling price of a nicely restored farmhouse in Tuscany, with good views and a pool, has now reduced about 25 percent since 2008; check out for what’s available. With its rolling hills, varied coastline, and picturesque towns, Tuscany is one of Italy’s most romanticized regions. It’s also within easy reach of Florence and Rome. If Tuscany doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of properties on the coast, in the cities, or even in the scenic mountains for a more quiet environment.

Algarve, Portugal


Portugal enjoys 300 days of summer, with the maximum recorded temperatures in the Algarve fluctuating between 25 °C (77 °F) in winter and 48 °C (118 °F) in summer. Portugal also benefits from the cooling breeze that blows in from the Atlantic, so there’s no need to sweat the heat. Property prices in Portugal are still way below their peak, and with the euro at an eight-year low against the pound, substantial savings are making right now the perfect time to invest in that second home. If that isn’t enough, you should also bear in mind that Portugal is one of the safest holiday destinations in Europe right now. The country is politically stable, there are no mafias, and it boasts one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.