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Save Money With Some Garden DIY

Even if you are a very experienced gardener, you might be worried when it comes to some of the larger jobs that need doing in your outside area. In fact, you might be so concerned that you feel it necessary to hire a gardener or laborer to come and do all the hard work for you. Sure, that’s one way you can get the job done. But don’t forget that it will cost you a lot of money to hire someone to come into your garden and complete such a project. It’s not a good tactic if you are trying to save as much money as possible right now.

So, why not just do some garden DIY and take these jobs and projects into your own hands? Don’t worry; this is something that you can do even if you aren’t a total whizz in the garden. There are a few garden DIY jobs that you will be able to do no matter your skill level. Read on to find out more!

Make Your Own Pond

You might think that creating a pond would take a lot of building work. You might even think that you need to use expert machinery and equipment, such as diggers and forklift trucks. Thankfully, though, that isn’t the case. As long as you have a spade or a shovel, you will be good to start making your very own pond! First of all, you just need to decide where the pond is going to go in your garden. Then, just dig out a hole that is about the size you want your pond to be. You will need to line the pond with some waterproof material. This is so the water doesn’t soak through into the soil and flood your garden. You can find this material for very reasonable prices at local gardening centers. Alternatively, you might want to find a specialist pond mould that you can fit into the hole you dig. Once that’s done, simply fill the pond with water and a few plants and grasses. If you want to improve your pond even more, try using materials like Fire Glass to give your pond some colour and sparkle and help to give it some more character. Compliment the pond with some affordable decorations and you’ll soon have a pond to be proud of! Over time, wildlife should be attracted to this habitat which will help it thrive. And you won’t have spent too much money encouraging them to do so!

Install Your Own Decking

Lots of gardeners love decking. It creates such a diverse area in the garden and can be used for numerous purposes. For instance, it makes a great al fresco dining area. Do you dream about adding some to your outdoor space? Well you can, and it won’t cost you too much to do yourself at all! First of all, you need to source all of the right tools and materials, such as floating dock hardware and plenty of hardwood. In fact, some garden stores that sell decking materials will sell them to you altogether in a kit. This will give you all the instructions that you need for assembling and reinforcing the decking. However, even if you can’t get your hand on one of these kits, simply buying all of the same materials will be quite cheap. It then isn’t too difficult to assemble them yourself – in fact, there are lots of YouTube tutorials that can help you do so. Getting tips from YouTube and elsewhere on the internet will certainly save you some money!

Create A Patio

One alternative to installing an area of decking to your garden is to add a patio. The main difference between a patio and decking is that a patio is made using a paved section of garden whereas decking is a wooden floor. Generally speaking, it can be slightly cheaper to install decking but creating a garden patio is still a cost-effective way to freshen up your outdoor area. Especially if you don’t spend money on getting someone to make it for you! You will need to rent some specialist tools and equipment, such as a cement mixer. Rather than just going with the first rental company that you find out about, it’s a good idea to spend the time looking at different firms to see who can offer you the best price. That way, you don’t go for the most expensive rental without realizing that you could have found something cheaper elsewhere. Once you have created a nice little patio, the cheapest way to decorate it is with some plants. You could use some that are already in your garden. All you need to do is to dig them up and repot them.

Add A Path

There are quite a few homeowners who leave their garden paths to go into a state of disrepair because they believe that they would be very expensive to fix or that they would need to spend a lot for professionals to fix them. That isn’t the case, though. In actual fact, you should be able to fix and add paths in your garden without spending a whole lot of money. There are different types and styles of paths you could lay so it is necessary to go with one that is relatively cheap. For instance, mulch is very affordable and often used to help fertilize garden beds. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that this is one of the cheapest options when it comes to garden path materials too. Wood chips and cyprus bark are the two most popular mulch options that you have. Gravel is another reasonably priced option and most homeowners choose to go with this as it looks very attractive and is easy to use in various path shapes. When it comes to actually making the path itself, be sure to give yourself plenty of time and plan it out well. That way, there is no way you can rush yourself as rushing will only make you a lot more likely to make mistakes and errors that will need to be corrected.

As you can see then, you don’t have to go into debt to improve the look of your garden. Just carry out some cheap and cheerful garden DIY!