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Are you a Single Mum Trying to Make Ends Meet? Here’s How Credit Card Can Help

It can be tough, trying to juggle several jobs and raise children at the same time, all on your own. More so when the income you make is barely enough to get you by.

Don’t fret, you can make money by saving money. You may have heard about how credit cards can deplete your funds if they are not managed properly. Well, did you know you can turn the tables in your favour? Yes, your credit cards can “make you” enough money to coast by.

The following savvy tips will put you a step ahead of your credit card provider.

  1. Transfer balance to a credit card with a lower interest rate

If your current credit card (balance) has a high-interest rate, you can save several pounds by transferring it to a low-interest rate credit card. By taking advantage of a 0% APR balance transfer offered by most providers, you could save money and avoid paying interest rate depending on the credit card you have.

  1. Spend and save

This is a straightforward technique- simply grow your cash savings with a 0% interest credit card and buy as many products as possible. Open a savings account, register a low-interest rate card and deposit your current savings into a high interest savings account. Once the 0% interest rate on the card expires, pay off the balance with the saved cash. The leftover cash is your profit.

  1. Card balancing

If you are a stickler for planning and calculations, balance transfer is for you because not everybody can apply this method. This is how you increase your profits by creatively apportioning your debts around a few cards. Ensure you keep the number of cards you use to a minimum.

  1. Apply for a credit card with a sign-up bonus

Some credit card providers offer a bonus when you sign up for their services. Bonuses may range from cash back offers to free hotel reservations or frequent flyer points. There are services that even offer points for fuel costs.

Identify and sign up to these providers because they will save you money in the long-run. Practice your credit card do’s and don’ts. Also, note that qualifying for this bonus may require you spend over a certain amount in the first few months. Once you do, the bonus is yours.

  1. Redeem your cash for a gift card

Although cash is a more versatile solution, you can still maximise your rewards by redeeming them in exchange for a gift card offered by the provider’s reward partners. For instance, you could redeem £30 in cash rewards for a £35 gift card.

  1. Use the credit card provider’s discount mall

Knowing the retail shops and restaurants that accept your issuer’s credit card may sound like a lot of work, but it is cost-effective in the long run. Many issuers normally charge for cross-platform transfers. But if you use a registered mall with their pay systems, the transaction with completed without extra charges.