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Boosting your finances during your travels

A few months ago, we discussed the practicalities of living the dream as a digital nomad. There is no doubt the internet age, and the ability to get online in the most unlikely spots on the planet, has made this a real possibility for millions of people – in fact, it is part of one of the biggest shifts in work / life practices that the civilised world has ever seen.

You can probably sense there is a “but” coming up, and you would be right. It all sounds great, setting off around the world, your trusty laptop in your equally trusty backpack, ready to set up on the beach in Bali and put in a few days web design to pay for the next leg of the journey. But what if you open your inbox, and those client emails with work offers are just not there? Before you throw the laptop in the sea and get a bar job, have a think about these three ideas:

Make money from your blog

Let’s get serious, exploring the world, hitting the beach, running out of money – it’s a great adventure, and if you’re not blogging about it, you should be! And an interesting blog with frequently updated and good quality content can and should start generating high levels of traffic. There is a financial value to that which you can leverage.

It doesn’t mean “selling out” and filling your blog with banner ads. Sponsored content can add to the quality of your overall site, as long as you ensure it is good quality, and selective affiliate marketing on products and services that you are genuinely interested in is another way to add value, interest and money in your pocket.

Dabble on the currency markets

When you got off the plane, the chances are you changed some money into local currency and the thought crossed your mind that those brokers make a killing. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Forex trading has become increasingly popular among amateurs, thanks in no small part to the apps and platforms that have made the process so easy from anywhere and everywhere.

Be warned, though: At least 90 percent of new traders end up losing money, not gaining. This is not because forex represents a bad investment, it is just that it is more complex than it looks, and amateurs are diving in blindly and losing their shirts. Always use a reputable broker – if you look at Trusted Forex Broker, you will see a whole list of them. By managing the risk and taking expert advice, you can join the happy 10 percent who make serious money.

Share your special skills

The thing about being in a strange land is you probably have all sorts of skills that would be of value locally. As the saying goes, there’s an app for that, and it’s called In essence, it connects those who have something to impart with others who want to learn it. With the ability to teach via Skype or other online portals, you are not even restricted to your immediate location, although some face to face tuition is always fun.