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Easiest Ways To Put Money Away For A Rainy Day

We all want to save some money in our daily habits, so we cut out the cup of coffee we’d usually grab on the way to work, or turning off the TV and picking up a book to save on the electricity bill. Either way, there’s some easy ways, and quite a few hard ways to save your money, and a lot of it is based on personal habits.

So let’s face the often unaccepted truth: when it comes to putting money away for a rainy day, there’s quite a few areas in our lifestyle we can turn to to trim a little of the fat off and keep it for Christmas. So, after admitting that there’s plenty of ways to save, how can it be done easily? Here’s a few general tips that can work out for everyone.

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Switch Out Your Bank Account

A lot of the time we find ourselves paying fees in order to open or keep open a checking or savings account. We may have done this a few years ago as it was an option available to us at a time, or our parents may have done it for us. As soon as we register our own control in our ability to save money, it’s time to look into the other offers that are available.


It’s always a good rule of thumb to scope out what’s out there, instead of just leaving it as it always was (that way we can better monitor ourselves and know of any impending or hidden changes, which banks are wont to have!).


Sell Off Your Childhood Collections

As kids, we love toys and games. As adults, we love money, as well as these toys and games, and we can be a little loathe to part from them. Well, now you can combine the two for your own good. It may be a little tricky, but selling off your collections on the web or at a yard sale can bring in some quick cash that can instantly go back into the proverbial piggy bank.


Put some time into your thinking strategies rather than your selling ones, as you don’t want to lose an unnecessary time investment over these products. Look into ways of selling that offer the lowest period possible, and get good money returns on those instead.


Similarly, group items into clusters that are small enough to sell quickly for a profit, and still bring in some quick cash. Things like old teddies can go in pairs for a couple of dollars, and at a Yard sale you’re more likely to be exposed to buyers with young families and people looking purely to make a good sale, giving you a better chance than an online auction site.


Wait for Some Sales

We all like to get things now, but that’s where we’re often caught out by big brands. If we buy something as soon as we see it, or as soon as it comes it, we’re probably going to miss out on a good deal a little further on down the line.

With Black Friday quickly coming up, we’re going to see plenty of flash sales on the items we love the most, and that means that any purchase up until now should be put off until the time comes when we’re up at 5am just to get to the store on time.


When it Comes to Your Retirement Savings

This is one of the main things we all save up for, whether it’s because we want to travel the world one day or spend our twilight basking in the luxury of indoor pools and home movie theatres. However, the idea of a retirement account has changed a little over the years, and now plenty of alternatives to the main account and alternative saving types exist to service different kinds of people.


For example, you can now have a Bitcoin IRA, which are a currency that’s not permitted or unpermitted when it comes to IRA guidelines. However, digital ecosystems are coming more and more into fashion, and the worth of them have risen astronomically in the past few months, so this could be a good time to look into it.


Depending on your circumstances, there’s plenty of ways to shave off a few coins each month to make your rainy days a little sunnier. Look at where you may be losing money, and take the effort to change that habit. It can save us thousands in the long run.