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Fast Cash Options to Consider in 2021

Times are tough for millions of American families. Unemployment, underemployment, and uncertainty about the future are driving unprecedented levels of financial anxiety.

Help is allegedly on the way, but the bills are due now. With this in mind, let’s take a look at several options for getting fast cash when you need it most. For many people, that means now.

Cash Advance

Tax refunds are a huge source of financial relief for many households. Unfortunately, it typically takes weeks, if not months, to receive your tax refund after filing. If you need that money now, consider a cash advance on your refund. Tax prep services like those available at offer these early refund options for those who qualify. It’s one of the best ways to get the cash you need now, rather than let the bills pile up unpaid.

Full Stimulus

Chances are you know about how Congress authorized the sending of stimulus payments to every adult in the country. Even if you’ve already received both installments, you might not have gotten the full amount. Those with kids are entitled to more. The most recent stimulus measure, which includes $600 per individual, also includes $600 for each “qualifying child.” In other words, a family with four kids will be eligible for $2400 on top of the $600 sent to both parents.

Gig Economy

Maybe you’ve thought about working a second job as a driver for Lyft, Instacart, or Amazon, but worry about getting mixed up in something you’re uncertain about. However, these and similar “gig economy” opportunities require little to no commitment. Simply sign up, give it a try, and get paid in the process. If it doesn’t work out, sign out and never look back. The best thing about these gigs is the payment process is often instantaneous; workers can opt for immediate deposit after every assignment, meaning cash can be in your pocket within a matter of hours.

Online Auction

You might be more familiar with eBay and similar auction sites as a buyer, but what about becoming a seller? If you’ve got any collectibles or valuables lying around the house collecting dust, snap a few pictures, compose a brief description, and put it up for auction online. Even so-called junk can net you a few bucks or more. You know never know how much you’ll wind up getting when it’s all said and done. Plus, you have the added benefit of decluttering your house in the process.

HELOC or Refinance

Those who’ve been making mortgage payments for decades have built up what is referred to as “equity” in their homes. Equity refers to the difference between the remaining loan balance and the current value of your property. Homeowners can tap into their equity one of two ways: cash-out refinancing or a home equity line of credit (HELOC.) A cash-out refinance essentially means getting your mortgage payments refunded and resetting your home’s equity to zero. A HELOC involves equity serving as collateral for a loan. In both instances, homeowners get a large lump sum of cash they can use as they wish.

Are you struggling to pay the bills and need cash now? If so, several options exist that you should seriously consider. One or more of them could be the way out of your current financial troubles. Coupled with hopes of better days ahead, cash now can be the life raft you need to get 2021 started on the right foot.