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Getting Out of a Financial Jam with Bad Credit (And Ways to Prevent it)

Financial problems can be very stressful to deal with. When you aren’t in a position to resolve the matter, it continues to build impacting more than just your budget. Those with poor credit and lots of debt are known to be more stressed. The effects of not having money or credit for backing like not being able to afford necessities, get a house, or apply for certain jobs can lead to psychological and physical problems. This could include everything from headaches and moodiness to depression, heart disease, or addiction.

Dealing with the Matter

To improve your quality of life, it is imperative to try and deal with the matter as quickly as possible. If you’ve found yourself in a financial jam, but don’t have the means to cover it, these options can help you resolve the problem right away:

Borrow – Borrowing the money is a quick solution. Although you may not have stellar credit, there are payday loan alternatives for bad credit you can apply for. These loans do not require a credit check and only mandate that you be 18 years of age, have a good standing checking account, and verifiable income that meets their minimum standards. The funds can be deposited within one business day and you’re provided with convenient repayment options so you don’t fall into debt.

Sell – Another option to getting quick cash would be to sell things you no longer have a use for. This could include things like your cell phone and laptop or your old clothes and jewelry. There are apps that make selling things easier than setting up a yard sale, and service providers that are willing to pay you top dollar for old gadgets and electronics.

Earn – If you can’t borrow the funds and you don’t have anything you could sell for quick cash, another option would be to earn more. Instead of spending months trying to find a part-time job, however, you could complete services that pay cash on the same day. Housesit, babysit, petsit, cut grass, tutor, or even answer surveys online in your spare time to get cash fast.

Preventative Measures

Though there are a few solutions for handling financial emergencies with bad credit, the best solution would be to make lifestyle changes that can prevent it from happening in the future. By changing certain habits and practicing good financial management, you can eliminate a lot of financial stress and improve your health. Below are some preventative measures to make sure you never end up in a tight spot again:

Budget – A common reason that some individuals find it hard to cover financial emergencies is that they’re not carefully monitoring their money. Creating a budget that covers all of your expenses will ensure that you have enough money to go around – and then some. Through budgeting, you can eliminate unnecessary spending and increase your savings for those unforeseen circumstances.

Pay Down Debt – Though you may be ignoring your debt altogether, the truth is, it’s going to end up getting worse. The best way to deal with this matter is to resolve it head on. Start taking a portion of your income and paying down your debts. Start with smaller debts and work your way up to the larger balances.

Build an Emergency Savings – If you never understood before why people put money away for rainy days, you should have a clear understanding now. An emergency savings account can be a lifesaver when your funds are low. Though there are varying reports on how much you should have tucked away, starting with $1,000 and working your way up is advised. Every extra cent you have after paying bills should be put into that account.

Healthier Living – Healthcare is a high expense for most households. Though seeking medical attention is sometimes unavoidable, you can reduce the costs by living a healthier life. Eating well-balanced meals, getting proper exercise, and keeping up with routine doctor and dentist appointments will cut the number of times you need to see a doctor and reduce the cost of treatment for common health conditions.

Money makes the world go round. With that being said, it is imperative for you to be as responsible as possible with your money. If you’re presently in a jam but have poor credit, the above tips will give you solutions on how to get your hands on some quick cash. Even if the quick cash methods resolve your problem, taking preventative measures are also encouraged to ensure you don’t end up in that bind again. In getting your finances under control,  you’ll notice a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and an overall improved quality of life.