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How to Find Yourself by Saving Money

Everyone likes the idea of saving money, but the hard part is doing it.  However, saving money does not need to be an impossible dream.  In fact, it is quite simple – just don’t spend.  That might be overstating it slightly but you get the point to save money you need to stop spending.  But can you find yourself by saving money?  The short answer is yes.

Getting Out of a Rut

Let’s face it, we all get into ‘ruts’ every now and then.  Maybe it is a series of bad news like an unexpected car repair or a medical emergency.  Either way, you find yourself spending more money than you want to and then next thing you know your bank account is empty and your credit cards are maxed out.

This is not a time for despair, it is a time to get creative.  For some people, this might mean leaving their credit cards at home or learning how to live without a car.  While for others it might mean something more drastic, like pursuing bankruptcy.  In fact, you might want to check out this link for more information –

But let’s say you aren’t ready for bankruptcy. If that is the case, then here are some other ways to save money and get your soul back from the credit card companies in the process.

  • Looking Out for Number One

You just got paid and that ‘check’ – ok it’s probably wired to your account – is burning a hole in your pocket.  Stop!  The first thing you want to do before anything else isto pay yourself.  While this doesn’t mean you should go out and spend that money.  Instead, take that money and put it in your savings.  Maybe it is only $10 or $20 per week but you want to get into the habit of paying yourself first.

Following this advice will not only help you to build up an emergency fund, it will also help you feel a sense of accomplishment.  Before you know it, you will have $1,000 or more in your savings and then you can start to think about investing – if it is nothing too risky.  That’s when your money will start to work for you.

  • Be Patient

Every day we are bombarded with commercials trying to sell us things that we don’t want.  Unfortunately, this constant streaming can wear us down over time as we are only human. But there is something to be said be being patient as the gratification of getting something you worked for is more sustainable when compared to the sugar high, and ultimate depression, which comes from getting something right away.

So, if you really want to find yourself by saving, then practice being patient.  You might not always have the shiny new toy but you will feel more satisfied.  In addition, this will build up the restraint you need to resist the constant bombardment of advertising.

  • Spare the Change

Get yourself in the habit of collecting all the spare change you accumulate every day.  Before you know it, you will end up with $100 or more in the ‘piggy bank’.  This money can be added to your emergency fund and will set you on the path to being a saver.

One potential challenge with saving your spare change is that you will need to count it eventually.  However, there are several ways to make this happen.  If you have children, then you can make this part of their chores.  Not only will this give them some responsibility, they will also witness the power of saving money by hook or by crook.

If you don’t have children, then you will either need to count your pennies yourself and this can be done by getting a coin counter for your house.  Or you can take the spare change to your local supermarket and run them through one of the machines.  Just keep in mind that you will need to pay a fee for this service; however, it will save time and you can use the money for necessities, like groceries.

  • Leave Your Credit Cards at Home

Credit cards are an amazing invention – you can leave your cash at home and use these plastic cards to buy almost anything.  But think about it, who really benefits from credit cards?  It’s really not you, as you’ll need to pay the bill plus interest.  Instead, the winners are the credit card companies.

As such, you want to leave your credit cards at home and stick to cash.  Not only will this free you from the fear of opening your credit card bill every month but it will help to control any urge to make an impulse buy.

Finding yourself by saving is not impossible, it starts with thinking of yourself, being patient, counting your pennies, and importantly leaving your credit cards at home.  Doing so will keep you out of debt and feeling much better about your life.