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Little Ways Anyone Can Save

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We have all heard the phrase ‘every little helps,’ but is it factual? Does saving in little areas really add up to a lot of money saved. Money that you could, perhaps, use in other areas of your life. You might be interested to know that the answer is undoubtedly…yes. To find out why, let’s look at a quick example of a great, yet simple saving.


Think about when you brush your teeth. There are two types of teeth brushers. There are those who leave the tap running as they brush, often soaking their toothbrush before they even start. Then there are those who switch off the tap while they brush, usually leaving it dry. The people who switch the tap off and brush try are getting a better quality clean, and perhaps more importantly, they’re saving a lot of money. In fact, estimates suggest that you can save as much as twenty-five percent by switching that tap off.


This, of course, isn’t the only little thing that you can do to save money on water. We can also think about the washing up. First, if you have a dishwasher don’t put it on if it’s only half full. Leaving it for longer will result in a greater save because you’ll be using the same amount of water less often. As such, you’ll definitely save money if you stop putting the dishwasher on for the breakfast bowls. Or, if you are washing by hand, make sure you’re using the leftover water from the kettle to heat the bowl.


Now, let’s look at a few of the other possibilities of great savings.


Price Check It All


You should make sure that you are price checking whatever you buy online and the reason for this should be fairly obvious. There will always be discrepancies in the price of different goods from various sellers. Some of these price differences are going to be small and seemingly inconsequential. For instance, you’re not going to notice five pence here or there when you buy cheese. But they do add up, and many can be significantly larger.


For instance, price checking something like insurance could lead to massive savings. You should never have your car insurance on automatic renewal. This means that you don’t have the chance to shop around the market for a better deal before you renew your contract. Even if there isn’t a better deal shopping around might lead to your current insurance company offering you a better deal, potentially. Remember, as the customer, you have all the power, and it is certainly a buyers market.


Forget Self-Medicating


Self-medicating in the sense that we’re talking about isn’t dangerous, but it is definitely costly. For instance, many people think that they have a gluten allergy. Often, due to the information that they have read online or in the media. However, rather than speaking to a doctor, they self-diagnose themselves and then begin to self-medicate by buying gluten-free products. These are often more expensive. Allergy symptoms are often rather complicated and can be completely misread. That’s why if you think you have an allergy you should speak to a doctor. They will be able to test that you do before you start to buying expensive and often unnecessary medication.


Upgrade Your Tech


Upgrading your tech is another way that you can easily save a quick buck, although it might not seem like it at the time. You might think that by constantly purchasing new technology, you’re wasting money. However, it does depend on how often you’re buying it. Are you upgrading your phone each year? Unless you’re on a contract, that’s probably costing you a fortune. Instead, you should think about upgrading every two or three years and the same if true for tech in your home. The reason? Old tech uses more energy, and that is going to cost you a fortune. Upgrading, you’ll get A-level environmentally friendly tech that costs you very little. For instance, chargeable tech might take less time to fully charge the battery. Of course, buying new tech is expensive which is why there is one more suggestion to take into consideration.


Buy Used

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Finally, whether you’re buying furniture or tech, you might want to consider buying old or used rather than new. Even products that have only been used once or twice or are still in their original packaging can still be a lot cheaper compared with the same item bought brand new. As such, you’re losing nothing by shopping for the best deal.