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Make An Impression At Your Next Trade Show

If you work with it the business industry you will know that one of the most important parts of running a successful business is networking. Whether you hold meeting at your office building or attend trade shows with your team, making a name for yourself in the wider world is crucial for business.

If you have never been to a trade show before or you simply haven’t held tradeshow exhibits before, you need to make sure that your stand is the most recognisable it can be and that you make an impression with anyone who visits.

The display

The most important thing you need to do to start off with is make your display the best it can possibly be. For example if you are a kitchen brand you can have a model kitchen installed which shows off all of your products and will also allow the visitors to walk around your display and interact with your team. You can even put out incentives like free chocolates and other things for them to try as they walk around. As long as you can make a display to represent yourself and be remembered, people will talk about you for years to come.

Send the best people

When you are putting your company under the spotlight it is essential that you choose the right people to represent you. Make sure you put the most confident, easy going and charismatic people you can on the stand to make conversation and win people’s affections.

Write a pitch

Although you might not want to sound as if you are giving a speech, you need to make sure you are all clear on what you want to say to the visiting trade. In the run up to the event start writing a pitch for your audience and practice it to make sure you know exactly what you want to say to the people who visit your stand. This will simply ensure that you don’t miss anything out.


Everyone loves free things, so make the most of this by offering some items to anyone who visits your stall. It could be a tshirt, a pen, or even a slice of pizza which has been done before. You will attract much more people once they get word that you are offering up free stuff.

Be welcoming

No one wants to approach a stall if you are grumpy and tired at the end of the long day trading. Make sure that no matter how tired you may feel, that you are friendly, warm and welcoming to anyone who approaches you with questions. It might require a few extra cups of coffee, but if you can stay positive and happy throughout the day you will make a much better impression.

Don’t pester

Remember to let your visitors walk around on their own free will, don’t follow them looking for conversation because it will put them off talking to you and will likely cause them to leave your stand. Be welcoming and ask if they need anything, if not, let them roam.