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Occasional Spending: Tips for Buying the Perfect Gift

I personally love buying gifts; whether it’s for Christmas, Mother’s day or even birthdays, I really enjoy the process of choosing a gift that is perfect for who ever I’m buying it for. Some people struggle with gift buying, whether it’s the financial side or just getting the perfect gift, so I thought it would be handy to make a list of a few tips I use in order to buy the best gift possible. The next time you’re out present hunting, keep a few of these tips in mind and you may be surprised with how much they help:

1. Set a Budget Before You Step Out the Door
One of my biggest issues is that I’m an emotional shopper and often I can find myself bending my budget in order to get the gift that I think is the most special. Now I write a budget down, on paper, so there’s physical proof of how much I intended to spend before I even set foot in a store. This is especially useful for Christmas when you have to buy a lot of presents at once. It can be financially overwhelming. While you should never put yourself in debt simply in order to buy a gift, if you find yourself financially stressed during a special time of year, such as Christmas, it can be wise to consider bad credit short term loans if you find yourself in a real pinch.

2. Shop Around
I’ve noticed that often when I order things online, for example, things are much more affordable. As such I always like to make a list of the presents I plan to buy and make a list and compare the prices with Amazon. As a general rule I like to view things in person before buying online, where possible, but I definitely find that I can snag a better deal almost every time online. Compare main shops with each other as even a £5 or £10 saving can really add up, especially over Christmas.

3. Be Prepared
Planning in advance will prevent any financial strain and will also ensure that you don’t find yourself stuck without any ideas the day before someone’s birthday. Also, have you ever found yourself in a mall buying Christmas gifts on Christmas eve? It’s not a fun experience. The more you prepare the less stress the process will be and the easier it will be to find gifts that are really meaningful.

These simple tips can ensure that you get the best gifts you can while saving some serious coin. Christmas is probably the most stressful gift buying time of year and it’s because it’s the time of year when we spend the most. Around 3/4 of all gift spending is done during the Christmas period!

Interested in other people’s occasional spending habits? Check out the informative infographic by SwiftMoney below:
Swift Money - Occasional Spending