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Safe Ways To Ship Gold Bullion

Gold has long been the foundation of wealth, ever since we first began to trade, and moving this commodity around has always presented problems. If you have a few ounces of this precious metal, there are no obvious issues but when you are talking about kilograms of bars of gold bullion, that’s a completely different story.

Here are a few important things to bear in mind when looking to transport gold bullion.

  • Suitable Storage Containers – Wherever you happen to be moving your gold bullion, each bar should be in a special felt bag or pouch, which prevents scratching and surface damage. A small attaché case is ideal for transporting a few kilograms, but any more than that demands security solutions. These pouches can be ordered online from a special supplier, or the gold bullion dealer also supplies storage solutions for gold bars, ingots, and coins.
  • Use The Professionals – As you would expect, there are special couriers that offer a gold bullion shipping service and with available Brisbane gold bullion for sale from a leading dealer, you can acquire and ship gold bullion safely. A quick online search should lead you to reputable gold dealers near your location. If it is a small amount of gold, you can carry it on your person when you leave the bullion dealer’s offices. If you need a security company for gold shipment, Google is your best friend and can put you in touch with the right people.
  • Need To Know Basis – When you are planning to move gold bullion, the least number of people who know, the better. This security protocol reduces the risk of an incident, which is why all security companies use the system. If you are moving a small amount of bullion, no one else needs to know. If you are storing gold at home, don’t tell anyone outside of your immediate family and even they don’t really need to know.
  • Keep The Commodity In Sight – When transporting gold, it makes sense to keep the commodity in sight as much as is practically possible. Of course, you can go as far as chaining the case to your wrist, yet that is very much a signal that you are carrying something of high value. If no one knows, the chances of you being mugged are minimal at best, but it is always best to keep your eyes on the prize.
  • Temporary Storage – In the event, you need some temporary storage for your gold bullion, make sure it is secure. Never leave gold bullion unattended in your car, for example, as this invites problems. If you regularly store gold at home, why not have a concealed safe installed in the bedroom? Many people store their gold in a secure vault at a local security facility, which is probably the safest place there is! Never bury your gold in the garden, as if something happens to you, your wealth would be lost forever.

If you are looking to buy gold bullion, the easiest way to contact a reputable gold bullion dealer is with a Google search, then you can visit their offices and take physical possession of your gold.