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Saving Fuel: How To Cut The Cost Of Your Commute


No matter where you live, be it a small town or in the city, the cost of commuting to work can take a serious chunk out of your wage packet. Take a look at the advice below, and hopefully, you will make enough money to live on, without blowing your salary on traveling to work and back.

Give up your car

Many of us use our cars to commute, but if you are only traveling short distances, you probably don’t need to use your car at all. Leave the fuel guzzling machine in the garage, and consider some healthier ways to travel. Walking or biking to work, at least a couple of times a week, will save you money and give you the exercise you need as well.

Use public transport

You may need to put your maths head on, but it’s possible that taking the train or bus will be more cost effective than using your car. You should also buy a travel pass that may be more profitable than buying a daily ticket. Check with your local stations for more information.

Use special offers

From time to time, transport companies will offer special deals to get you to use their service. Many people use Uber and Lyft, and they often offer discounted rates or free rides to new customers. Ridester is currently promoting free ride credit from this Lyft promo code, so take advantage of the deal, and keep your eyes open for more.

Buy a new car

This may seem counterproductive, but if your current car is eating up your fuel, then you might consider buying something more economical. Read our article on car costs to help you plan your next purchase, and remember that a new car won’t only save you on gas. You will also pay less tax when buying a car that is good for the environment, so why not save money while saving the world.

Work from home

Not everybody can do this, but there are some jobs where working from home is beneficial. Whether you do it once a week, or a little more often, cloud technology allows many people to work from home while still collaborating with their colleagues at work.

Use your rewards card

Take a look at the following gas credit cards which have been voted the best on the market. You will get around 3% back when refueling. This may not sound a lot, but every dollar counts, and you may as well take advantage of free fuel when you can.

Should you have a colleague who lives nearby, ask them if they would consider sharing the car journey. It makes little sense to waste money on fuel when you are both traveling to the same destination. Not only will you save money, but you will also put one less car on the road, and have a traveling companion. Of course, you may prefer to travel in silence, so if you’re not driving, take a pair of earphones with you to drown out your colleague’s incessant chatting!