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What Impresses A Customer In Modern Business?

Running a modern business is all about staying up to date on what your customers want. The most recent trends tell us that customers want to shop small and local, as well as green and ethical, and more than ever are concerned about price points. And as a business, these can all seem like intimidating things! 

But in practice, it’s rather simple to be a modern business. You just need to get to the heart of what a customer truly wants, that’s also accessible to you currently. You might not be able to offer much of a discount yet, but you can certainly offer the qualities down below. 

Being Responsive

If you can answer a message within the hour, you’re going to be very popular! And that’s good news for your reputation’s longevity. When you’re responsive, you sow some very good will within your potential customer pool and make it easy for them to come back, as well as bring their friends. The faster you get to a message, whether it be a social media DM or an email, the easier it’ll be to build a wide and varied customer base.  

A Reward System

If someone has spent money at your store before, entice them back with a reward card or system. The modern shopper wants to know that their time with you is going to be worth it. If you value their time, and we mean truly value it, you’ll pay them back with some kind of exclusive discount once they’ve bought a few items. 

Unique Store Design

When a customer walks into your store (if you operate offline as well), they want to be wowed by what they see there. To accomplish this, you need to be nifty in your design tricks. Using perspex cut to size as a backdrop for your products, applying custom decals to the windows to display your name and brand message, and placing items in a way that helps a customer imagine themself using them, are three of the best ways to provide a unique store design for your customers to revel in. 

Listening to Their Complaints

The internet is littered with bad examples of customer service. Specifically, times when automated responses just didn’t fit the complaint whatsoever and left the customer more confused than they were before! Don’t let your business fall into this trap, even if keeping up with customer comments gets overwhelming sometimes. 

Try to tailor your response to everything that comes through. To make this easier you can come up with templates to follow beforehand, but personalise them for each person. What are they asking? What information have they given? And how can you make their day better with just a few words? 

A modern business needs to compete like none before it! To give yourself the best chance of winning, incorporate these ideas into your business strategy. The more proactive you are when it comes to customers, the better they’re going to see you.