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With Silver Prices Aiming to Reach $20, Here Are 4 Valid Reasons to Buy Silver Bullion

After gold, Australians have now decided to diversify their investment portfolio by investing in silver. This idea is very beneficial because metal coins, including gold, silver, and platinum are great investment opportunities in today’s world. The trend of buying silver bullion is on the rise these days. This article is about sharing with you some convincing reasons as to why you must start taking interest in buying silver bullion.

1- Silver Has an Active Market in the Overseas

The international market for silver bullion happens to be more active than the market for gold bullion. There are a number of individuals, traders, dealers, and even jewellers who are willing to trade silver these days. Another reason why people around the world have started to accept silver as money is that the premium for investing in silver is quite higher than investing in gold bullion. This difference in premium rates exists due to the gold and silver manufacturing processes. Thus, because of this higher premium, you can easily find a party who is interested in buying silver bullion from you if you ever want to sell it.

2- Silver Prices Go Higher Than Gold

Silver prices are technically more volatile than gold prices. It means that silver prices move more rapidly than gold prices. However, in a bull market, silver prices tend to go higher than gold prices. And this is one of the biggest advantages of buying silver bullion. In the gold and silver bull markets of yesteryears, silver prices went high 3,800 percent as compared to gold prices then went up only 2,500 percent.

3- Silver Bullion Coins Are a Legal Tender

Silver bullion coins are still considered a legal tender in Australia. The Australian Gold Nugget and the Australian Silver Kookaburra have a legal tender status in the country. Silver bullion coins are produced by the Perth Mint. People who are interested in buying metal coins for investment purposes buy silver bullion coins because they are easy to keep in your custody. The best thing about buying silver bullion coins is that they are free of government standard sales tax or GST. This makes investing in silver bullion coins even more significant.

4- Great Flexibility in Buying Silver

Silver bullion is available in various forms. You can buy it in the form of coins and you can also buy it in the form bars as well. Silver bullion bars come in various weights and sizes. This gives investors the flexibility to decide what weight and size of silver bullion bar would be the most convenient for them. If you’re interested in buying silver bullion in any form, you can visit

Buying silver bullion adds value to your diversified investment portfolio because you can trade silver bullion coins or bars more easily than gold bars and coins. There is no default risk if you physically own silver. This is not the case with any other investment that you make. Moreover, there is no counterparty risk involved in holding silver bullion as well.