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With These Products, You Can Spend Now and Save Big, Later

It is hard to be broke. And it doesn’t get any easier with practice. When you are broke, you tend to do the things that keep you broke. That is just the nature of that particular beast. It seems so unfair. The more broke you are, the greater the percentage of your money you spend on life necessities. You still have to buy groceries. $200 for a grocery run is a quarter of your entire net worth if all you have is $800. But for the person with a few thousand in the bank, that same grocery run is financially meaningless. 

Continuing with that example, the one with little money often falls into the habit of purchasing highly processed, convenience foods. A frozen dinner costs a fraction of what one would have to pay for a healthier meal, at least at first blush. Unfortunately, it seldom turns out that way. And the hit to one’s health is an immeasurable cost. If you are tired of being broke, you are likely looking for a way to get out of the broke cycle. Counterintuitively, you have to spend now to save later. Here are a few examples:

An Electric Vehicle

If you are in the market for a car, you already know how expensive a new car can be, especially one you would actually want to drive. You quickly get into the thirties when you start adding options. And that is what passes for a reasonably-priced car. It is frankly surprising how close the price of electric cars now comes to a traditional gas-guzzler. Even so, to get the savings of an electric car, you have to pony up the purchase price. Don’t forget about leasing as an option.

Remember, you don’t have to buy a Tesla. And you don’t have to exclusively depend on Tesla charging stations if you do own a Tesla. If a Tesla charger is not in your area, you still have plenty of excellent options for fast charging. The infrastructure is there, and growing every day. You will save a lot of money on gas because you won’t need it anymore. There are EV savings calculators that provide estimates for how much you can save with an electric vehicle. Depending on a number of circumstances, the savings can be anywhere from moderate to extremely good. If you are ready to stop being broke, consider making your next vehicle all electric.

Low-Flow Faucets and Water Purification

No responsible person would ever downplay the importance of clean water. The problem is that most people are unaware of the quality of their water. If they know their water is not what it should be, they are often unaware that there are things they can do about it. One of those things just happens to be a bit on the expensive side. That would be to get a whole-home water purification system. 

You should be aware that there are other, more affordable options. By properly filtering the water, you can save a ton on the amount of water you use for cleaning dishes, laundry, and yourself. Also, you will no longer need to buy bottled water. The savings get even bigger when you factor in the money you save from not running so much water in the first place. Low-flow faucets are not very expensive, provide excellent water pressure, and will save you a ton of money. Doing both is an investment, but one that pays off a lot sooner than you think. 

A Better Computer

Many people go to the big-box electronics store and pick out the least expensive computer they can find and call it a day. That is a great way to flush your money down a drain. That computer is going to become a money pit in repairs, not to mention time lost in frustration and troubleshooting. You need the discipline to cruise past the budget PC aisle and head directly for the mid-range or better. Your computer purchase should last at least 4 years. You will be lucky to get 1 year out of the budget models.

If you are tired of being broke, make your next vehicle electric. Invest in cleaner water coming into your home. And skip the garbage computers when it is time for your next one.