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3 Tips for Saving Time and Money on Your Next Move

Moving can be quite a big ordeal, not only do you have to deal with the logistics of physically moving, there’s often an emotional aspect to it too. You’ll be leaving your neighbourhood, your community and maybe even your town or country. Whether it’s a big move or just across the city, you’re going to want to prep and plan to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Here are my top 3 tips for saving time and money on your move.

1. Talk to the Experts
If you’re buying a new property where you’re moving to, be sure to call in the experts. Trying to haggle housing prices when you don’t have much experience can cost you big time. Likewise, if you’re selling, you’re going to want to command the best price possible. IF you can be flexible it will give you more options in choosing when you sell your property and what prices you will accept. I suggest speaking to the experts well before you’re thinking about moving so you can get an idea of the market and touch base. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service offer a comprehensive service that can make real estate sales and purchases easier than ever.

2. Hire the Professionals
Yes, you can probably actually save money by doing the move yourself, but when you factor in the cost of hiring a bigger car or a trailer to move the things and the time spent it might work out better value to pay a professional mover to do it. You also have so many other things running through your mind when you’re moving – especially if you’re moving jobs and having to uproot any children. That’s why even though there might be an added expense by paying for the move, you’ll actually be saving so much time and stress it might be worth it for you and your family. Check out scottsdale for more information on how much moving really costs.

3. Ask for Help
Everyone knows and understands how stressful and exhausting moving can be, that’s why there’s no harm in reaching out to your closet friends and family for him. Whether it’s simply some help with packing boxes before the movers come, or helping you with childcare and pet setting while you get your stuff on the road, there are so many ways people can help you to reduce your stress and help you cut down costs. If you have friends and family come to help you with moving, whether it be the actual moving or just the prep involved before hand, I suggest you do something nice for them in return. You could buy a box or two of beer to share with everyone, or if someone spends a lot of time helping you move, it might be nice to purchase them a Naked Winery wine membership for their favourite drop. Whatever you do, just be prepared to return the favour should they need help moving in future!