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Maintaining Your Property:4 Tips for All Homeowners

As a homeowner, keeping on top of repairs means you are improving your standard of living and protecting your investment. After all, you are paying huge sums of cash to live in your home. The last thing you want to do is ruin this investment by failing to keep your house in a good state of repair.

Experts suggest that all homeowners should sign around 2-3% of the value of their home per year or put it towards maintenance upkeep. This should be more if you need massive renovations and are expecting to replace various parts of your home, such as roofing, which can be costly.

But how can you stay on top of home maintenance and ensure everything is taken care of?

Draw Up A Checklist

It can be a good idea to create a checklist of tasks in your home that need completing and the time scales you need to do them. For example, checking your roof and gutters should be something you do every 6 months while checking your internal loft space should be checked on the same frequency. Checking your drains, and pipework should be done at least yearly, and the same applies to your home foundations. Go around your home and list the different types of repairs or maintenance work you need to carry out from your plumbing to your boiler, your electrics and window and door seals, then put this list into action.

Annual Inspections

If you cannot carry out an inspection yourself for any reason or you need a professional inspection, then you should be getting someone to come to your home and carry this out annually. For example, your boiler and heating systems should be serviced and inspected once a year, and the same goes for your electrics, too. Even if nothing is seemingly owned, service or inspection can alert you to any potential person to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Carry Out Repairs

A surefire way to ensure your home falls into disrepair is to neglect all the repairs you should be doing. From time to time, your house will succumb to damage from daily use or simply reach the end of its lifespan. Getting any repairs done when you see them means you are resolving the issue, and things aren’t being left; it worsens, causing more problems than initially.

Clean Regularly

The more often you give your home a good cleaning; the easier it will be to find anything that might be wrong and improve your standard of living. A clean and tidy home is essential for a good quality of life and to give you a space to sit down and relax. Paying attention to your hygeine standards will ensure that your home looks good, is safe to live in, and you are not missing any signs of damage.

Homeowners are under a significant level of responsibility when it comes to maintaining their property. Unlike tenants who can call their landlord, homeowners are in charge of carrying out repairs and ensuring that their home is safe to live in.