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Should You Choose A Deck Or Patio?

When creating a social area in your yard, you need a hard surface for placing furniture and preventing mud. Decks and patios are the two most popular options – but just which one is right for your home? This post poses a few questions to help you find the right one.

Which requires less maintenance?

Both patios and decks need to be regularly swept and washed to keep them looking good. However, patios generally require less maintenance. Decking is made of wood, and therefore more at risk of rot and fungus growth. Using decking oil regularly can help to protect your deck from decay. If your deck is painted, you’ll also need to repaint it occasionally and possibly add a sealant to protect the paint. Consider whether you’re up for this maintenance. 

Which adds more value? 

Patios and decks will both add value to your home. However, a patio generally adds more value simply because it is lower maintenance. If you’re selling your home soon and looking for the best way to add some value, a patio could therefore be the better choice. Just make sure it is professionally installed as a poor quality patio will add no value. 

Which offers better drainage? 

When it comes to drainage, decks are definitely the better option. While patios can be slightly sloped to allow water to runoff, decks can allow water to drain directly through gaps. Of course, you still need to install a suitable drainage system below the deck to stop water pooling beneath. However, you won’t get water pooling on top of your deck like you may with a patio after heavy rain.

Which is better for a sloped yard?

Decks are easier to build on slopes because they can be more easily raised. Patios are typically built on flat ground. You can raise a patio, but this means paying a huge amount of money to add stone or concrete beneath. Decks can be more affordably and more quickly installed using simple wooden risers. It’s worth noting that both raised decks and raised patios may require planning permission.

Which is less expensive to install? 

There’s no easy answer to this one as it depends on the simplicity or complexity of the project. Basic patios are generally cheaper to lay than basic decks. However, as already discussed, a raised deck is likely to be cheaper than a raised patio. The type of stone you use in a patio and the paving pattern you opt for can also affect the price, just as the type of timber you use for your deck and the decking pattern can affect the price. If you’re really torn between the two and are on a tight budget, you could always get a quote for both and see which one is more affordable this way. 

Should you choose a deck or patio?

A deck is generally better if you’re building on a slope or want good drainage. A patio is better if you want something low maintenance that will add more value to your home. While these practicalities are important to consider, you’ve also got to think about what you think looks better. Some people will prefer the hard and clean look of a patio, while others will favour the rustic and textured look of a deck.