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When Saving Money Meets Beautiful Interior

What do you think when you hear people talking about designing the ideal interior decor?

It’s fair to say that if you’re not into home interior, you may not be imagining inspirational pictures of styles. But instead, you’ll be thinking about how much decorating your home is likely to cost. Let’s be honest, the favorite magazines and inspirations for interior styles tend to present expensive luxury items, from lampshades that can cost several hundreds of dollars to a handmade leather sofa. Ultimately, it can seem as if a carefully decorated interior has to cost you an arm. But do you really need to break the bank to create a stylish home decor? The answer is no. You can establish a simple and elegant style at a low cost and, more importantly, without making your home look cheap as a result. Are you ready to embrace the potential of a money-saving interior decor?

We tend to think that saving means using less

First of all, it’s important to understand that saving money on your decor doesn’t mean depriving yourself of a decor. Like with all saving strategies, it’s about reducing what isn’t necessary and maximizing what works for you. There are many elements in your home that you don’t need, such as a tumble dryer as you can save both money and space by not having any. By applying the same logic you can remove anything that is necessary for your interior, any cluttering element to focus on maximizing the space with only quality and functional objects. In other words, lower costs don’t mean less comfort. It means less waste. And this is precisely the mindset you need to create a beautiful and stylish interior that reflect your lifestyle choices and your personality without ever looking cheap.

In the Feng Shui philosophy, you value functionality over expensive clutter

According to the Chinese school of thinking, Feng Shui – which you can also apply to interior decor – decorative items that serve no function is the equivalent of clutter. It fills a lot of space and costs you a lot of money for no good reason. That’s precisely why Feng Shui homes tend to promote functionality over belongings so that you measure the comfort of your by the way each room fulfils its purpose. However, it doesn’t mean functional items can’t be attractive. If you’re looking for a stylish and simple bathroom, for instance, get a Helixbath bathtub from Kardiel. It’s the perfect mix of beauty and function!  

A luxury room with less furniture

Bring nature to your home to save on health costs

Last, but not least, the ambiance of your home is not only defined by your choice of furniture, but also by how the interior makes you feel. You can appreciate the simplicity of bringing natural elements inside. It’s advised to use furniture made of wood rather than plastic, as they’re less likely to release toxins into the air. You can naturally make the most of your houseplants to purify the air and create a fresh and relaxing environment. You will reduce the sensation of stress and the risks of allergy too!

By choosing to invest money in functional furniture and natural elements, you can detach yourself from the burden of costly clutter to create a fresh, energizing and sophisticated decor.