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Who To Hire When Buying A Home

Buying a home can be a complicated process and there are many stages that may require professional help. Here are some of the people that you may want to hire when purchasing a home and what you can look for in order to get the best talent for the job.

Mortgage brokers

Mortgage brokers such as Altrua Financial could be worth hiring if you’re struggling to find a mortgage lender for your needs. If you’ve got a limited budget, a low credit score or happen to be buying a unusual property, it’s possible that a mortgage broker may be able to find a loan for you that you wouldn’t otherwise find yourself. This is because many mortgage brokers have developed special relationships with mortgage companies, allowing them access to exclusive deals.

Before hiring broker it’s worth considering whether they charge for their services or not as this could be an extra cost to budget in. You should also check that they’re experienced and credible by checking online reviews and testimonials.


When you buy a property, you are then responsible for making any repairs that are the result of wear and tear. A surveyor can be worth hiring before buying a property – they can help to pinpoint any early signs of damage that could result in costly future repairs. Whilst getting a property thoroughly surveyed usually isn’t cheap, it could save you thousands in the long run by preventing you from buying a property that’s expensive to maintain. It could also alert you of any extensions or conversions you can or can’t do (there may be planning restrictions on some properties). Occasionally, the seller may get the property surveyed, saving you from having to fork out on this service – always ask to see the survey certificate. Read reviews of surveyors online before choosing a company to go with so that you can help to guarantee that the job is done properly.


Conveyancers are a special type of solicitor that deal with the legal process of buying a house. A lot of paperwork has to be done to prove that you are the rightful owner – a single small mistake could have implications later down the line. For this reason, it’s not a task you should really attempt yourself unless you’ve got extensive knowledge of property law. You can hire a specialised conveyancer or a general law firm such as Bowens Solicitors who may be able to handle conveyancer along with lots of other legal tasks.  

Moving companies

You’ll need to move your possessions into your new home – should you do this yourself or hire a moving company? In most cases, you can get away without hiring a moving company. However, professional movers will get the job done more quickly and could be worth hiring for helping to shift heavy or awkward possessions.  If you’ve got lots of possessions, it could also be cheaper to hire a professional company. Whilst you can hire a van and take multiple trips, you could end up paying more in fuel and van hire costs than you would hiring a professional company with a lorry.


Many people buying property will go through an agent. An agent helps to market properties and arrange viewings – they can make the homehunting process much easier. By visiting multiple agents, you can get a good range of properties to look at. That said, you can buy property without agents by seeking out private sellers – there are listing sites online on which you can find these sellers. Generally, the buyer doesn’t have to pay anything to use an agent, although there are some sneaky companies out there that charge the seller and the buyer – watch out for this as you don’t want to be adding extra costs to the process. Property prices can be more expensive when going through an agency simply because the agents have to make some commission on every sale.