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8 Ways To Save Money When Living Abroad

If you plan to relocate your family to a new country during the next few months, it is essential that you read this article to ensure you reduce your spending as much as possible. Regardless of whether you’re moving for work purposes or anything else, the same rules should apply. Moving abroad is a significant step, and it could change your life drastically. So, the last thing you need is to spend a small fortune unnecessarily. The advice below will assist you when it comes to cutting back and ensuring you keep as much spare cash in your accounts as possible while achieving your dream of moving to a foreign country. Feel free to print this post or bookmark it to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Contact multiple real estate agents

Before you do anything else, there is a decent chance that you will benefit from sorting your accommodation. That can take a long time when you’re not in the country because you’ll need to contact lots of different real estate agents to ensure you consider all the available properties within your budget. As it shows at and similar sites, most companies in that industry have websites these days, and that means you can take a look at all homes on the market without having to call anyone or lift a finger. Make sure that you take the time to research agency fees and other expenses too to guarantee that you don’t face any unexpected costs further down the line.

Find a representative in your country of choice

One of the best ways to save money when moving and living abroad is to find someone in that country willing to make some arrangements on your behalf. If you’re relocating for work purposes, that process isn’t going to involve a lot of hard work. That is because you can use your contacts within the company to make friends with an employee in that nation. You can then ask that person to provide you with any information you might struggle to uncover. For instance, let’s presume you’re concerned about local taxes or something similar? You find conflicting information online, and so you need someone on the ground who can set the record straight. If you are not moving for work purposes, perhaps you could visit the country in advance and try to make some connections?

Research the cheapest times to fly

Regardless of where you plan to relocate, there is a reasonable chance that you will travel there on a plane. Flight prices to different countries around the world can fluctuate considerably at various times of the year. That is why it’s sensible for you to take a look at the history of ticket prices and work out when you’re going to get the best deal. If you can wait until the last minute to book your flight, there is a decent chance that you will save a small fortune. However, usually, it’s sensible to book at least three months in advance. There are lots of other things that can affect the price of air travel too. For instances, for the obvious reasons, flights are almost half the price on September 11th in the US. Take advantage of things like that!

Work out the most suitable Visa

When you go to live and work in another country; you often have to apply for a Visa to gain access and permission. Depending on what you plan to do with your time and how long you intend on staying in the country, there are many different types of Visa that you might want to consider. For example, some states like India provide travel Visas that enable you to stay in the nation for three years or more. However, you are not allowed to work or earn money during that time. There are other Visas for that, and you need to conduct as much research as possible to guarantee you apply for the correct one. There is no need to stress about the cost of applying for that document because it rarely costs more than a couple of hundred dollars.

Buy rather than lease transport

People who arrive in a new country with the hope of living there for any purpose will need to arrange some transport so they can get from A to B and create their new lives. The issue is that there are sometimes restrictions in place with regards to your ability to buy a car or bike according to sites like That is why many folks end up paying over the odds for a leasing agreement. Take the time to research that subject and try to uncover any laws that might prevent you from purchasing transport outright. If you discover there is no legal reason why you can’t buy a car; go out and get a second-hand model as soon as possible. If there are some restrictions in place; you just have to work around them. For instance, you could ask a local person or neighbor to buy the vehicle with your money on your behalf.

Get to know some local people

The last tip brings us nicely onto one of the most vital things you must remember when relocating abroad. You are always going to overspend and miss out on lots of opportunities if you fail to make friends near your new home. Speaking to your family on Skype a couple of times each week is not going to provide you with enough social interaction. When all’s said and done, you spent a lot of money to relocate, and so you should take the time to get to know as many local people as possible. Those folks are the ones best placed to help out whenever you encounter problems, and they will probably assist you in saving money lots of times during your stay. You will also gain access to the best tour guides in the country.

Don’t ship your possessions

Lots of people decide they can’t live without their creature comforts, and so they spend thousands of dollars to ship a container of their possessions halfway around the world to their new accommodation. If you want to save money when moving abroad; you should avoid doing that at all costs. Like it or not, arranging for a shipping container full of your stuff to reach a country in Asia, Africa, or just about anywhere else outside of the US is going to cost a small fortune. You will benefit from placing those items in storage or selling them before you decide to relocate. In most instances, nothing is stopping you from purchasing the same or similar things again when you settle into your new home.

Learn how to negotiate on price  

Lastly, it is critical that you learn how to shop around and how to haggle if you plan to move to a country on the other side of the world. Prices are not always as set in stone as they are in the US or the UK, and so you can usually negotiate with all shop owners to ensure you never overspend. You can do that when purchasing a car for your family, and you can even do it when you go to the shops to get your weekly food. There is a wealth of information online you can use to learn the most fruitful techniques. So, take the time to do that!

Now you know about some excellent ways of saving money if you decide to move abroad during the new few months; you should manage to avoid any unexpected expenses. You just need to put pen to paper and create a plan of action. Make sure you include all the advice from this post and stick to it as much as possible. Wherever you plan to go in the world, make sure you have a fantastic time!