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Moving For Money-Saving Benefits: 3 Cities To Consider

One of the most commonly used statements in this day and age, when it comes to money, is “You get what you pay for”. Spend a few dollars less on an outfit, and when the stitching comes loose on the second wear? You got what you paid for. That cheap dishwasher powder left particles on your fine china? Sorry, but… well, you get the message.

It’s also true of houses. If you want garden space front and back, it costs more. If you want roomier outside storage, you guessed it; it will cost more. And so, when the mortgage payment comes out of your account at the end of the month, it stings, but it’s a nice house. How were you going to get something so nice without paying the going rate?

The thing is, of course, that “the going rate” isn’t the same everywhere. Although it might seem drastic to look at upping sticks, calling the piano movers and measuring for new drapes, people do move for all sorts of reasons. If you’ve got a job that can move with you – as many people do – then why not go somewhere that will give you more bang for your buck?

Cleveland, Ohio




You may have some preconceptions about Cleveland, and rest assured the locals have heard them all, time and again. Heck, there was even a sitcom based around those preconceptions. However, Cleveland is rated as one of the best value housing markets in the States by many in the know; not only that, but it’s a pleasant city to live in. Whether your interests are cultural, sporting, educational or anything else, it’s got you covered.


It may have been unfairly tarnished with a “Rust Belt” reputation, but Cleveland has bounced back a long way from the days when that epithet was earned. If you’re moving within the States, it’s a path worth considering.


Scranton, PA




There is a pervasive impression that the cost of living grows the further north, and the further east, you go in the States. Now, sure, you don’t want to be trying to stretch every dime for an Upper East Side Manhattan residence if your current home is already making the budget creak. However, in nearby Pennsylvania there is a spot that wise investors are pouring into.


Scranton may not be uber-fashionable, but it’s a city that is moving up in the world. With ongoing investment breathing new life into the city, and excellent links to the rest of the state and neighboring locations, it’s well worth checking out.


Memphis, TN




Given its cultural history, it’s something of a surprise to most to learn that Memphis is such an affordable city to live in. Nevertheless, that’s absolutely the case. Part of the reason the city is so affordable is its huge metropolitan center, which houses over 1.3 million people. Where there’s people, there tends to be affordable housing. With average house prices in the city around $89,000, there’s no doubt your hard-earned cash will travel far in this affordable southern gem.


So while moving might be an expensive time, there are certain places to consider that won’t drain your bank account. Make your money go further by expanding outside of the norm; you might be surprised what you’re able to find.