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Planning a road trip? Read this advice

Whether you’ll be travelling with the kids over the holidays, or you’re planning a nice long road trip for next year, we’ve got some top tips to ensure it’s a success. Ready? Let’s get started.

Make a plan

Most of the time, you’ll have a time limit for your road trip. For this reason, it’s a good idea to plan which city you’ll be sleeping in each night before you set off. That way, you’ll have a goal but not a rigid schedule to stick too. Aim for eight hours or less of driving per day, and then enjoy the experience as your days become filled with wandering, driving, and fulfilling all your road trip whims.

Clean your car

If you leave all the empty water bottles, gum wrappers, napkins, and receipts from the last month in your car, you’ll be sorry. After the first few days of your road trip when all that rubbish is joined by fast food wrappers, more drink bottles, local maps, hotel receipts, and more, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t just go ahead and do some cleaning.

Instead of driving along in a moving rubbish bin,, give the car a good clean before you leave. Every few days, take a moment to throw out the trash. Otherwise, all that accumulated drunk will quickly begin driving you crazy.

Check your car

At least a week before your road trip, check your car to make sure it’s in great working condition and won’t cause you any problems while you’re on the road. This is when it’s a good time to #TestYourTreads. Get in touch with TyrePlus so you have plenty of time to get your car sorted well before your road trip.

Stay entertained

Long days of driving can eventually get boring, no matter how great the scenery is. Preload your phone with plenty of different options for entertainment. Use Pandora or Spotify, download some audiobooks you’ve been meaning to listen to. Another great option? Podcasts. Check out Criminal or This American Life.

Just make sure you have the right technology in your car to connect your phone into the stereo so you can stay hands-free.

Divide and conquer

Some people are great with directions, and others couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag. If you want to avoid arguments, be sure to stick to your strengths. You may have a passenger that’s great at planning meals, while you’re amazing at navigating. Divide the jobs up and you’ll make sure everything is done efficiently with the least amount of controversy.

Are you planning a road trip? What are your top road trip tips? Leave a comment below and let us know.