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Top 4 Ways to Cut Down Your Travel Costs

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive – it obviously can be, especially if you have champagne tastes and a coca cola budget. But there are plenty of ways you can keep your costs down while enjoying all the wonder and excitement that travel has to offer. I personally love to travel to new places to meet new people, to see some of the wonders of the world, whether they’re officially on the list or not, and to of course try the delicious food around the world too.

1. Find Cheap Flights

Flights tend to be one of your biggest expenses, so finding cheap flights can be one of the easiest ways to cut down your travel expenses. If you have some flexibility, this can help a lot because changing the dates you fly can do a lot to cut the prices down. Check the dates either side of your preferred dates and you can find that changing the date by one day can change your overall cost by hundreds of dollars – it’s crazy! If you have a bit of extra time, but the funds are tight, consider taking a stopover. If your goal is to fly into Siem Reap, it may be hundreds of dollars cheaper to fly into Kuala Lumpur first and then take an Air Asia flight into Siem Reap than to fly direct into Siem Reap. Play around with combinations in order to save money on flights to cut down your travel costs.

2. Hunt for Cruise Deals
If you’re thinking about going on a cruise, then you’re not on a bad path. Cruises often offer exceptional value and it makes sense. They’re often offering package deals that include entertainment, drinks, food, and accommodation. There are no nasty surprises, no need to worry about tipping, no hassle worrying about getting between hotels – it’s all included! It makes everything so much less stressful and can be a great way to save money, as you know what you’re going to spend before you even set foot at of your house and cheap holiday packages are another great place to hunt if you’re wanting a good deal!

3. Choose Cheaper Destinations
There are some destinations where you just know you’ll spend more. For example, a week in New York City is going to cost a lot more than staying in a budget hostel in Thailand. If your budget is tight, why not choose a more economical destination so that your money will go further and you can be less stressed. There are tons of places around the world that are much more affordable. Think South East Asia, Central America, and Eastern Europe if you want more affordable destinations.

4. Travel in Off Season
If you go to Europe during the peak of summer, you’re going to pay more. If you book a cruise during the holiday periods, you’re going to pay more. Traveling when there’s less demand for hotels, cruises and other tours simply mean there will be more options and better pricing. If you have more flexibility in your dates, you can use that to your advantage to secure cheaper rates. Traveling in offseason will mean you can cut your costs, which means you can travel more frequently or go on your trip for longer – it’s up to you!


Using these four tips I’m sure you can save money on your next adventure.