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A Real Dream: Selling With A Literal Vision

Forget for a moment that buying a home is perhaps the largest of all the financial things the normal person will ever do, besides pay for their wedding. Forget for a moment even, that it’s one of the most complicated financial things they’ll ever do as well. Ask yourself what drives us to even move from our homes? Why would we literally pick up our entire lives like nomadic travelers, and change our lives forever each time we move home? Behind it, all is the battle between emotion and logic. Emotionally, we want a home that is basically something out of a fairytale, a dream home that represents and has everything we want. And on the other hand, sometimes people just have to move because their career is leading them to where they want to be in life, and living closer to a new job is simply easier the commuting 3 to 4 hours day. Taking these factors and absorbing them, what can you do as the one selling your home to tickle the fancy of someone with those needs and wants? By giving them a literal vision of course.

Get click crazy

Words will never be enough when it comes to selling your home. No matter what you say, the photographs you take of your home will be the only things that matter. Many people won’t even bother with reading the description of the room you leave up beside the photos. However, you need to get click crazy with your camera. Take as many pictures as you can without repeating yourself. One room should have all four walls separately photographed. The floor must divided into the center, and four corners, as well as near the windows. Taking the correct kind of wide-angle shots is not difficult but it’s something that does require a little bit of planning. The best lighting is going to be on a naturally sunny day, but if you have photography lights, you can use them to great effect. Space the furniture out is going to make the room look larger, but also allow the viewer to better determine how much space their own furniture would take up in the room.

An online tour

Thankfully with modern technology, virtual tours for homes are becoming the norm. However, some companies are still well behind the times and they won’t do your home justice. this real estate company is one of the exceptions, as they host virtual home tour videos on their website. They themselves will record the home tour, making sure that the best angles and lighting are used, but also, keep the flow of the rooms and rest of the home attractive. They even have 3D home tours as another option, so those that want to have greater control over their tour, can go and visit any room they want to, without having to play the video of the tour. With this in mind, you can not only increase the price of your home, but you definitely stand a better chance of making a sale.

People want a real dream to come true when they buy a home. Giving them a literal vision of your entire home, leading them by the hand on a virtual home tour, or just by taking HD photographs, informs them of what potentially could be theirs.