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Can You Actually Make Money On The Internet?

The Internet is such a minefield that it can be tricky to locate the opportunities that it offers. Many of us still treat it with caution, but in 2017 there are a number of actual ways to make money on the web. This can be done by selling your services remotely, without the need for an office. There are also chances for investment online that could prove fruitful.

Freelance Writing

There is always a huge demand for writers on the Internet and there is a variety of content available. If you have always had an active imagination seek out some freelance fiction writing. Or do you maybe you have a unique talent for product descriptions? There are plenty of online databases which advertise these types of jobs, such as and they are easy to register.

Online Casinos

Gambling online is an exciting leisure activity and could be a potential money-maker. Some companies now offer free spins on the roulette with no deposit, essentially allowing the chance to win with no investment. Others allow to initially game using play money, so users can practice before investing anything. In 2017, online gambling can be done sensibly and with minimal risk as long as players choose licensed, established providers.

Get Paid To Survey

Perhaps you don’t consider yourself to have a flair for either of the above, in which case online surveying could be more to your taste. The rate of pay for these surveys varies depending upon length and type and typically more is paid for long surveys that require written answers. Some claim that over $200 a month can be made with savvy surveying. Set the time aside to do it and this could be an easy, convenient money-maker.

Create A Blog

Sometimes an activity that is done for leisure can be turned into a neat part-time earner. For example, if you are interested in cooking then start a cooking blog. The accessibility of the Internet in the present day means that there is potential to build a huge audience. Make sure the content is niche, so that you cover an area that’s not already covered extensively by the big websites out there. Blogs mostly earn their money from advertisements and admittedly it can take time to build an audience in order to charge for the advertising space. The larger the audience, the more money can be charged for advertising and sponsored posts, though.
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Online stocks

Apps such as Moneybox make investing easy to do from your phone and is rated among the top 10 apps to help you manage your money. It is a relatively new business and it targets those who are new to investing by making it easy to do through their simple interface. Plus, with their top-up feature you can connect to your bank account and allow Moneybox to round up your purchases and invest the change. Through these round-ups, such as taking your £3.80 coffee to £4.00 and investing the 20p, the average person invests around £10 per week. Although stocks are never completely risk-free the app offers cautious, balanced and adventurous options of investment for you to choose.

The Internet can be a minefield, but it can also be a goldmine. These are just a few examples of how money can be made online and there are many more out there – so go on and surf the web and see what a sea of opportunities there are!