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Cleaning Up & Improving Your Personal Reputation

No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, if you hope to work in business to a degree (or anywhere for that matter,) then you’d be well suited to cleaning up and improving your business reputation from time to time. There are many factors that can contribute to either a good or bad reputation, and the totality of how you are perceived can change at any time. It can also be that many different people see you in different ways. While people often say that bad publicity is good publicity, this is not always the case.

For example, let’s say you’re hoping to work in a niche industry. Well, the intimate size of this will mean that word will travel faster about your good or bad deeds. Depending on who you are, you might want to tailor your reputation to a certain extent. Being known a shrewd deal closer might be important for potential work somewhere. This could be true, but if you haven’t been credited for it, it can be hard to reap the rewards.

There are many ways to influence a reputation. Some are crafty, some are wise, and some are simply common sense. In order to help you discern between them, the following guide is here to hopefully help you achieve your way with maximum efficiency.

Clear Your Name

It might be that your current reputation is being harmed by false allegations against you. It might be that the allegations are completely out of context and uninformed, or that what started with truth has since become directly targeted and a witch hunt. It could also be the case that an alienated social contact might emotionally benefit from seeing your reputation in tatters. For example, in difficult divorce proceedings, often heinously offended parties will revert to exaggerating the horrors of the relationship to both gain their way and to cause you as much distress as possible. It sounds horrendous (and it is,) but it’s completely within the realm of possibility that this might happen to you.

In these instances, clearing your name is absolutely paramount. It simply will not do to have lies, falsehoods or exaggerations around your name. Your name should be treated as an asset, as it often precedes you depending on your online presence, your social context or business network.

Sometimes, it might be that you do make a genuine mistake, but the terms upon which you’re punished might be considered overly harsh or unfair considering the scope of the situation. It might be that a criminal defense or DUI lawyer is the most effective in helping you overcome those issues, as often they can subdue the sharp teeth of the law with something resembling a rational and appropriate solution.

Be On Good Terms

The best way to avoid a negative social reputation is to simply try to stay on good terms with everyone around you. This means attempting to stay polite, courteous and respectful to all around, no matter their political or religious views. It means being strong enough to respect yourself, as other people will be able to do this as a consequence. It also means trying to end certain relationships on moral and well-balanced terms.

You might not always be able to handle this, but it can help you in future if you do. For example, politely ending a relationship with a list of beautiful things you find about the otherwise and trying to remember the great times you shared might help subdue some of the painful emotional reaction. Despite the hatred for your boss, staying your tongue and preventing insulting them as you leave could help you keep your professional reputation intact, and allow you a more seamless transition to the new firm.

This doesn’t mean avoiding conflict. Sometimes it’s inevitable or even suitable to defend yourself or to act with dignity in the face of social hardship. However, if you go out and look for it, you can expect your reputation to be in tatters, particularly if you’re someone who often throws their weight around. Better to speak softly and carry a big stick than the opposite.

Separate Business & Pleasure

It can be difficult to separate business and pleasure, but you must try and do it for your own sake. This means certainly not engaging in frivolous wanton encounters with members of your business or office, as that social fallout is something that can affect you regarding your status in the company you inhabit. It could be that you lose your job over this, or poison a business deal. It might mean that instead of acting professionally at all times, you become a little too risque and risk people seeing a side of you that does not translate well to the business environment.

This is why getting drunk around your coworkers can be a frightful time. We’ve all seen someone or have been that someone who drinks too much at the office party and does something silly, earning us or our colleague a nickname for the whole year that they’d much rather be rid of.

Treat your work as your work, and your pleasureful recreational time in its own category. Do your best to separate the two, and you’ll have a strong distinction for appropriate behaviour through your entire lifetime.


Sometimes taking care of your reputation means not worrying about it, and instead focusing on being the best person you can be. This might mean reading outside your working subject, or attempting to be the best salesman in your business for fun. It might mean paying attention when everyone else in the working environment has an opinion to offer over each other, and listening when you feel most appropriate. It means making sure your life is in order, and to a degree not worrying about the petty social fabric of the environment you work in.

Simply apply yourself one hundred percent to the details of your life, and the entire thing will come together. People are drawn to people like this without knowing why, but it’s because they announce their harmonious nature with their very being.

With the previous advice in this list, you to can make the most of that.