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Find Jobs as an Owner Operator

If you are just starting out as an owner operator, or you only have a small fleet of trucks you manage, it can be difficult for you to land new clients and contracts. There are many people chasing after the same contracts as you are, and you cannot offer the volume and the range of a major trucking company.

However, if you adjust your expectations and how you view this job, you can be successful. Well, first you will need a truck. If you’re still unsure how to go about finding financing for your truck, read this article to get you on the right track

Build Connections

Rather than going from contract to contract and not looking back, you should try to build connections with people offering contract. If you prove yourself to them with good work, as well as with some friendly attitude, they are more likely to give you jobs again in the future. 

Get Clients

When you start driving on the regular, you will be in a position to sign a contract with companies themselves. Instead of getting jobs from various boards and brokers, you can go directly to the company. You do need to consider carefully who your client will be.

Ideally, you want to find someone who pays quickly, since you need the money for current expenses. Furthermore, your client should have regular shipments and regular work for you. It also helps if the client is local, meaning that you won’t have to cover large distances between jobs.

The Government Needs Truckers, too

One potential client is the US government. In fact, the federal government is one of the biggest shippers in the country. Post office tends to outsource most of its transporting to small shipping companies. However, you need to make sure you qualify for a job with the post office.

If you’re not interested in hauling post, there are numerous other jobs you can do for the government as well. The General Services Administration uses the services of many trucking companies for its shipping every month.


If you want to find suitable clients you can also consider specializing. The more you work with a single client, the more you will be familiar with their needs and their industry. What that means for you is that you can equip your truck to be more suitable for that kind of work. In the short term, your client will be more likely to trust you and offer you jobs.

In the long run, you can consider acquiring new clients from the same industry. You can boast not only numerous successful contracts in the field, but also a truck which is specially equipped to handle such load.

Carefully Analyze Every Move

Once you have established a firm connection with a client and you start having some disposable income, you may be tempted to rush into expanding your business.

However, before you do anything, make sure you carefully consider how that will affect your relationship with the client. Can you afford to finance another truck and another driver along with the current expenses? 

Even getting new clients may be detrimental to your relationship with the established client. Make sure that there is no ‘bad blood’ between the two clients. With major companies, this is typically not an issue, but when working with smaller local companies, you may need to tread lightly. 

However, if an opportunity presents itself for you to expand your business, seize it and continue to build your trucking enterprise. If you are careful and smart, the sky is the limit.