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Finding Your Vocation – Suggestions For Career That Can Help People

For some folks, work is just work. That is where they go at 9 am in the morning, and they can be happy to forget all about it when 5 pm comes. But for others, our career is more of a calling, it’s something that we feel destined to do, and we want it to have a positive effect on others and the world around us. For those people work is less of a job and more of a vocation. But what sort of options is available for people that see their career in these terms? Read on to find out.


Doctor / Nurse / Carer

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If you are looking for a role that is all about caring for people and looking after their best interests, then you should definitely consider one of the roles available in the caring professions. These can include being a doctor, nurse, or carer, which means that there are plenty of options for people with different educational qualifications and experiences.


Of course, the medical industry is a valuable one, and those at the top often have to deal with life and death situations. This means that the further up the structure you go the more training and education you will need to have. For example, doctors often have an undergraduate degree, as well as additional training on the ward before they are required to pick their specialism and practice unsupervised.




Another vocation that you may suit if you aim is to help people is that of a teacher. There are many different kinds of teacher including ones that work in schools in the education system, ones that work in institutes of higher and further education, and ones that work on an independent basis, teaching specific skills.


For most roles, you will need at least an undergraduate degree usually in the subject that you wish to teach and well as some evidence of teacher training. As it’s not enough to know the subject matter, you also need to know how to facilitate the learning of the students that you are trying to impart it to.

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Once you have become qualified, there are many different opportunities in teaching that you can explore, that can also run alongside your main work role. You could consider working as a tutor in your specialist subject, or why not teach English online to Chinese kids over the internet, from your own home? All of these things will provide help to someone that needs it while also providing you with a paying career.




Something else that you may consider, if a career in helping people is a top priority, is becoming a counselor or therapist. Again, there are different levels of qualification for this, depending on how high up you wish to be.

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For example, psychologists and psychiatrists need higher educational qualifications, and the latter also needs some medical training, so they are able to prescribe medications. But not all therapists and counselors need such a high level of academic achievement. Some have special coaching and counseling qualifications, while other focus on the techniques they are using such as CBT, EFT or EMDR.




Unlike the other careers mentioned so far, being an environmentalist is less about working with people one on to solve their problems, but more about looking at the big picture and doing things that can help take the immense strain off our planet.


Environmentalists often come from science backgrounds with qualifications in biology, zoology, or geology. As these can help them understand the process that occurring are in certain areas and provide the scientific know how to stop these if they becoming damaging.


Of course, just because they don’t work with people on a one to one basis doesn’t mean they aren’t helping them. As the environment is something that has a huge effect on all of our well-being.

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Life coach


Lastly, do you love the idea of helping people reach their goals in life, but you don’t want to focus on the pathology of their emotional problems like counseling so often does? Then it may be best to go for a career role like life coaching.


This is where people come to your for help in getting to where they want to be in life. This means they could need your guidance to lose weight, get a new job, or getter better work life balance, among other things.


It’s a constructive role because in modern society we don’t have such strong familial or community links. So this support is often not available to people that need it. Although, do remember you are likely to be coming from a place of support and encouragement, and the actual forward movement will have to come from your clients themselves.