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How Being Safe In The Workplace Can Save You Money

Something which many of us never think of when we are running a business is that having the right safety precautions can actually benefit your finances by reducing your business expenses. It can be as simple as installing a video surveillance system on the outside of the premises to ward of any thieves, and this can work in your favour as you pay your business insurance. It will als of course reduce the risk of having damaged or stolen items to replace. Your insurance provider will always look favourably on you if you have taken the initiative to go out and sort out your own security and safety measures. Even if the initial pay out for the system costs you a lot, you will end up recouping the costs from paying much lower premiums.

There are multiple ways you can make your workplace a safe and secure place for all who work inside it, and it won’t only involve installing a security system for thieves. Other ways to keep the workplace safe can include sending some of your staff members off on a bls certification to train them in basic first aid, tying down cables for the computer systems you hold in the office to prevent them being stolen, and installing a fob system so that only authorised personnel may enter the building.  

One of the most simple ways to reduce any costs you may face in the business is to teach your employees about proper safety practices when lifting boxes or using equipment. It will only take 10 minutes for you to make them watch a safety video and talk about other ways to stay safe in the workplace, and it could end up saving you a lot of money in damage or injury in the future.

The five biggest cause of injury in the workplace is strain or overexertion caused by pulling, pushing or lifting heavy items without the proper equipment or stance. This injury alone costs businesses a huge amount of money in medical bills each year. Holding injury prevention talks and workshops at the business could reduce the number of people who hurt themselves in your workplace and therefore save your business a lot of money in the long run.

Preventing injuries in the workplace could offer you the following benefits:

  • Lower insurance premiums for employees
  • Less administration time taken filling out injury and illness reports
  • Less money spent on compensation
  • Fewer resources needed to replace an employee when they are off work for a long period

As a whole, taking extra precautions to ensure that your business premises is safe from the inside out can offer many financial benefits for you and your business. It can also mean that the employees feel happier and work more productively because they feel safe in your capable hands. Take the time to have a look at what you can do to add that extra element of safety to the workplace today to save you money and make your workers much happier.