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Live Your Ultimate Life: Become a Nurse

No matter who you are, if your dream is to become a nurse then you live your ultimate life and become a nurse! But, when you do decide that your dream is worth chasing, just make sure that you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for. Truthfully, becoming a nurse requires lots of training, and thus requires you to dedicate a lot of your time to it. To see how much training you will have to take and how much of your life you will have to dedicate to become a nurse, make sure to read on.

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The training needed to become a nurse

You can’t just apply for a role as a nurse and expect to get the job when you don’t have the necessary qualifications, no matter what level of nursing you wish to enter at, that’s for sure. No, to become a nurse at any level at least some sort of qualification needs to be obtained, which means some sort of training needs to be taken.

First of all, if your dream nursing role is only to become a Vocational or Practical Nurse, then you will need to enrol yourself on and complete a Practical Nursing Program, the likes of which can be found at most community colleges. But, if you wish to go one step further in the nursing food chain and forge yourself a career as a Registered Nurse, then you’d need to enrol yourself on an RN to BSN program (Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science). And, to go one step further still and get yourself a much deserved pay rise in the world of nursing you might just have to undertake even more training; specifically, this means getting yourself enrolled on PhD study and earning yourself that elusive doctorate.


The time it takes to become a nurse

And you can’t just become a nurse overnight, either. No, to become a nurse, no matter the level, some amount of your time is going to demanded from you.

When it comes to becoming a Vocational or Practical nurse you would be expected to take a course of learning that lasts for approximately nine months. If you wished to become a Registered Nurse, then three to fours years spent in Higher Education would be demanded of you. And if you wanted to go as far up the nursing career ladder as possible and become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, then a further three years after your initial bachelor’s degree would be asked of you.

So, simply, if you don’t feel like that amount of time needed to become a nurse would be worth it for you, then don’t start the venture in the first place! By doing so you would only be wasting your time, your efforts and your money.

If becoming a nurse is your ultimate life goal, no matter if you are a man or woman, then chase that dream! And don’t let anything put you off from doing so along the way.