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Moving Your Online Business Offline

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Most businesses today don’t begin with a shop lease being signed and a store opening on the high street. The majority of businesses are now opening on ecommerce websites like these and are running out of offices and home offices. There’s nothing wrong with opening a business online, but when you do that while also having to hire out warehouse space for storage and you have to buy from outside suppliers to keep up, it’s time for a rethink.

Online-only businesses are now making moves to go offline and open a brick and mortar store to flog their wares, and this is becoming a trend. Some people still like to take themselves to the local stores to browse goods, and while buying online will always be popular, being able to buy in store is just as good. There is a lot to think about when it comes to moving your online business offline, and there’s more to it than heading to to pick up the retail pricing supplies you’ll need for your store. We’ve all seen retailers on the high street close down, and we’ve all watched how recession has hit certain companies. However, if your business is successful enough online to build a solid customer base, then there’s no reason you can’t do that in a store as well. We’ve got a list of the benefits of moving your online business to the high street, and here they are:

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  1. ‘Meeting’ Customers Just Got Personal. You may have built a wonderful customer base online, but now you have your own store you get to meet people face to face. Watching the awe and happiness on their faces when they find your items and fall in love with them is a big deal and you will get to see that!
  2. New Custom. A lot of people shop online, but not everyone does. There is a whole generation of people who don’t do their shopping online and who still prefer to go out and browse for themselves. Your store opening is going to invite new customers in and give you a chance to reach an audience you previously wouldn’t have.
  3. New Experiences. If your business is one that sells jewellery, shoes or clothes, you are going to give your customers a chance to have an entirely different, more enhanced shopping experience with you that they previously wouldn’t have before.

Before you head to the high street, remember that you will still need to maintain an online presence. You won’t be shutting the website down just because you have a storefront, as doing that would mean closing yourself off to customers. After all, companies now still need to have an online presence to be successful and you need to be smart. Your online starter was where you began in business, so you need to keep it in mind that if the offline business world doesn’t work, you need a contingency plan. Be excited for your expansion; not every business has the guts to do it!