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On/Off? Where To Train Your Staff?



Training is a fundamental part of developing your staff. They will always need some sort of fine-tuning to better develop within your company, or to help them progress further up the ladder, or even to end up leading your company one day. Multi-skilled workers are resourceful ones, so it is vital for you to make sure that they are tooled up with the most up-to-date techniques, processes, and systems, such as computer programs. But when it comes to training your staff, is there a preferred option? To do it in-house, or on-site? Let’s assess both and see how they will impact your business.


The Main Concern: Cost

This will always crop up, of course, and it always depends on your own business expenses whether you can afford to send your colleagues to a training course that comes highly recommended. The overriding concern in doing this is that many work hours will be wasted, and therefore its impact on the business is a loss of productivity, which will impact you down the line. However, you should have already thought of this beforehand, and put the important stop gaps in place. The other issue when it comes to cost is that the quality of the course will always mean a higher fee.


You’ve no doubt heard feedback about courses from other entrepreneurs who are annoyed at the fact that they spent so much money on a course that didn’t really teach their staff anything. It’s important to note that you will get what you pay for. So if you are in a bind, and you need to get your staff acquainted with a new system, you need to make sure you put in the finances. There are plenty of options for working capital; is one of those sites that break down how useful a certain business loan is, depending on how long you’ve been trading for. Acquiring capital to send your staff on a course off-site is a worthwhile investment in your employees. But it makes sense to be careful with the type of learning program you are sending your employees on.


The Quality Of The Course On Site

The obvious advantage of training your staff in your place of business is that they are able to get back to work quickly. But with a lot of workers on site, it can be limiting in what you can do. It all depends on your offices. For example, it may be difficult to do a business based workshop if you have a lot of staff, with limited space. This is why e-learning has been a choice for many organizations in recent years. It’s a very useful training program that staff can pick up and put down as they see fit, which means that no time is wasted. shows some of the benefits of e-learning and why it is a preferred option for many businesses now.


Ultimately, they both serve unique purposes, and while on-site training is great for smaller procedures and processes, such as e-learning, your staff can always benefit from a change of environment. And this is what you need to consider in addition to the quality of the course, the learning environment. It’s sometimes better for your staff to learn away from the work environment because being removed from the workplace environment can be beneficial regarding how people learn. The choice is yours!