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Pro-tech-ting Workers In A Digital Age

Health and safety in the workplace may have gone too far, but there’s questioning its importance. Employees have to deal with all kinds of dangerous situations and need protection. Thankfully, 2017 is a year which has the latest advancements in technology. Still, buying the latest gadgets isn’t going to make a difference unless the company understands how to make it work. With that in mind, here are four areas of businesses which can use tech to look after staff members.

Customer Service & VR

Talking on the phone doesn’t immediately spring to mind when someone says accident. However, customers have a way with words which can impact an employee’s mental health. Some disgruntled people are nasty and will say anything to make a person feel angry or emotional. To avoid this from happening, virtual reality is a must in a company with a customer service focus. Initiatives such as Receivr take the pressure off employees. Why? It’s because it allows qualified professionals or automated conversational chatbot to shoulder the responsibility. Just be careful with automated services because they can frustrate people even more and heighten the situation.

Electrical Appliances & TV Screens

One of the most efficient ways to negate workplace hazards is a TV screen. The reasoning is two-fold. Firstly, a screen is a focal point which draws the eye of a passer-by. Anyone who walks past a screen with a safety warning won’t fail to digest the information. Secondly, people are drawn to TVs like a moth to a flame. So, everyone in the office will look at the monitor at some point and read the alerts. You may have to turn them off once in awhile to maintain their focus, but that’s a small price to pay!

Fire Safety & Alerts

Some dangers are easy to spot and to fix. Sadly, others can appear out of nowhere in the blink of an eye. A fire is a prime example because a loose wire or an overworked appliance can catch. When it does, the people in the office need to react quickly to avoid harm. A range of alert systems is without a doubt the best forms of defence. A fire alarm is a loud noise which is impossible not to hear if you are on the premises. Plus, everyone knows what one sounds like and how to react. Also, a water sprinkler is a sign something isn’t right.

Jobs & AI

Probably the leading danger to employees is the prospect of losing their job. Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and is replacing humans left, right and centre. The fact it’s cheaper and performs the role to a similar means more and more firms are adopting AI. But, a boss needs to know when a piece of tech is necessary and when there should be a mixture. Usually, software doesn’t work without a monitor. Therefore, cutting back on labour throughout the company doesn’t make sense.

Regarding new tech, bosses have to be prudent to maintain morale.