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Stylish And Safe: Ensuring Your Business Premises Tick All The Boxes

If you own business premises, there’s every chance that you want them to look the part. First impressions are everything, and it’s essential to create the right vibe from the outset. Although looks matter, safety should also be a concern. There’s no point in luring customers into a store, a restaurant or a cafe if you’re going to lose business because the environment isn’t safe. As a business owner, it’s your duty to make sure you do everything possible to prevent your workforce and your customers from sustaining injuries or being involved in accidents. If you’re planning a revamp or you’re upgrading your health and safety policy, here are some tips to help you create stylish premises that are also safe.


The first step to getting it right is to do some research. If you manage a business, you are responsible for making sure that the premises meet safety standards. If you serve the public or you employ workers, there are certain guidelines you need to bear in mind. If you fall short, and somebody suffers an injury on your watch, there’s a good chance that you could be liable for that accident. Find out more about your legal obligations and then address any shortfalls swiftly.


If you have customers coming in and out of your premises or you host client meetings or events, it’s very important to create a stylish space, which is visually appealing. You don’t want potential customers to be put off by the look of your store or bar, for example. You want to turn heads as shoppers walk by. Focus on a design that captures the imagination, suits the target market and makes your business stand out from the crowd. Choose a theme and style that is appropriate for your brand and will appeal to the kind of customer you’re looking to attract. Experiment with different colorways before you make a decision and use accessories and accents to make your design unique. Once you know what you want to achieve visually, you can turn your attention to practicality. You want the premises to look fantastic, but they also have to be functional. Look for floor systems that will help to prevent slips and trips and invest in furniture, such as chairs, which will provide comfort as well as color. Provide plenty of light in stairwells and corridors and use wall-mounted displays to open up the floor space and make room for wheelchairs and strollers.

Risk assessment

Whether you’ve got a new shop or you’ve been running a beauty or hair salon or a tearoom for years, it’s important to understand the benefits of carrying out a risk assessment on a regular basis. Hazards can appear from nowhere, and even the safest-looking premises can harbor hidden dangers. Risk assessment is an effective means of identifying potential hazards and providing solutions before those obstacles cause accidents.

Do you run a business? If you interact with customers or clients on a daily basis, you’ll know how important it is for your premises to look the part. It’s essential to draw customers in, but don’t forget to bear safety in mind too.