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Surprising Ways To Make Your Workplace Greener

When your business is up and running, it can feel like all you can do simply to keep up the pace of entrepreneurship. Your time and attention are pulled in so many different directions day in and day out that the operations of your business require your complete and undivided attention. Whether it’s dealing with customers and clients, walking new employees through your processes or procuring necessary supplies and services, there seems no time left in the working day to consider more abstract concerns like strategy or PR. Unfortunately, if you don’t make time to address these issues from a macro perspective, things are only ever going to get harder for you.

When it comes to your brand’s identity, there’s no such thing as too much positive PR. Anything you can do to elevate your brand’s reputation will make your business more viable in the long term and ensure that customers are drawn to you rather than your competitors. While there are many ways to boost your business’ PR, and promote your brand one of the easiest and most fulfilling is to build greater environmental awareness into your workplace…

The PR power of a green workplace

In the digital age, your customers will be increasingly aware of the importance that they as consumers can make in reducing the environmental damage that we do to our planet. Documentaries like A Plastic Planet, Cowspiracy and An Inconvenient Truth have become more readily available in the digital domain and these films have enlightened the masses and led to a far more ecologically conscious consumer base. Thus, your customers will likely choose a brand that has an environmental conscience over one that doesn’t.

While you’ve already had some thoughts on how you can reduce your business waste by reducing your printing and handling your e waste responsibly but there are some more unorthodox ways in which you can show that your business cares about the environment.

The power of procurement

Your procurement says a lot about you. Just as your customers will look to you as a sustainable and environmentally conscious brand so too should you look for environmentally conscious suppliers. Look for suppliers who will deliver sustainable products that do not use excessive packaging. They should use natural ingredients and compounds where possible and ideally they will be local to reduce the carbon footprint of delivery.

Clean with green

Even the cleaning products you use to make your workplace clean, hygienic and inviting will play a huge part in your business’ environmental consideration. Lots of commercially available cleaning products are lousy for the environment, leaking harmful chemical compounds into our water sources. Instead opt for cleaners made from natural ingredients from suppliers like This level of attention to detail will show customers that you’re committed to supporting the environment.

Ditch the disposables

Most workplaces lean heavily on disposable products from ball point pens to coffee cups and day by day these can cause serious damage to the environment. Buy each and every employee a reusable bamboo coffee cup. These are reusable and biodegradable and will eliminate the need for disposable cup. Encourage your employees to write in pencil and if possible eliminate the need for printing.