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Trim A Bit Off The Sidelines – The Areas Where You Need To Cut Costs

There are many things that we need to cut down on in business. Corners isn’t one of them, but cost is. Costs are ubiquitous with a sense of “bloating” in business, and so we all need to find the right areas to cut back on. And when we want to increase revenues, and increase profits, what areas do we really need to trim back?


As far as in-house teams are concerned, this can be quite an expense. Instead, you could follow the lead of many other businesses and outsource the IT teams to a company that has all of the equipment and data on site. A company like Dyrand provides various cloud-based solutions for businesses that struggle with their costs. Because technology, and specifically, your systems, needs to be up-to-date, it can be a very costly endeavor to keep ahead of the curve. This is why many companies are outsourcing to IT companies, and this is definitely something you should follow suit in if you’ve got a very limited in-house team that is struggling to stay afloat with the modern methods of tech.

Human Resources

Human resources are vital to ensure that your workforce is happy and catered for. But there are costs in keeping this up and running. Instead, you could outsource this to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), where they can help to process your payroll and provide your employees with better benefits than you can offer that. The big difficulty with human resources being managed in-house is that the regulatory issues change almost constantly, and so if you can have an organization take the responsibility off your hands, then there’s one less thing to worry about.


Insurance is such an essential component, but are you getting the best deal for your money? It would be beneficial for you to put your bids to more than one and broker and insurance companies, and consider lower coverage limits.

Freelance Workers

Yes, while freelance workers are cheap, what do your employees have to say about you hiring freelance or temporary workers on a regular basis? While you may find that hiring an employee on a permanent basis, as well as paying for all of their perks and benefits is quite an expense. If you are hiring contractors through an agency, when you factor in the fees, this could be just as much, if not more than what you are paying for a permanent member of staff. By focusing on your permanent employees, and cutting the costs of hiring contractors, you are putting your focus back onto the internal aspects of the organization, and you are helping to build morale.

Your Suppliers

Not all of your suppliers, but if you did a few calculations and worked out how much time was wasted chasing up specific suppliers, would it not have been better to stick with one supplier all along? It can be a frustrating relationship with certain suppliers, but if you focused more on the ones where you can build a better relationship, these superfluous suppliers needn’t be used, and so, money is saved.

Make sure you take advantage of a few of these areas, and you will see an increase in your profits.