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Turn Your Passion Into Profit

It’s not hard to turn your love for a fitness and exercise into something that could be a lucrative little earner. There are courses and options available all over the world for you to take advantage of, which has only been made more accessible since the rise of the internet helping others to take note of their own personal health. More and more people are taking up exercise classes, joining sports team and focusing on increasing their stamina, so it’s never been easier to find people who are willing to be taught by people with the enthusiasm to do so.


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Personal Trainer

There’s nothing that is more suited to those who have a love for exercise and all of the benefits that go along with it than becoming a personal trainer. It’s usually those who have indulged in a particular training regime for a long time that are willing to take it to the next level by completing a personal trainer course who are the best candidates for the job. You will have to have a good focus on helping those who are enrolled with you and be willing to help them progress to the level that they need to be, so you definitely have to be a people person for this role.


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You can’t focus on health and fitness without bringing in the importance of a nutritional and balanced diet. Most nutritionists and dieticians have had to enrol on a course at university and complete a bachelor’s degree, but there are other, less-expensive routes in as well. There are online courses, just as there are with personal training, that you can undertake in order to learn a lot more about the food around us. It’s quite an important career to undertake currently; the world’s population is cited to be becoming greedier, despite more people being invested in their health than ever before. It’s a Catch 22 situation, but means that you’ll never be short of a customer or two. As well as the fitness world, you could branch out into schools and colleges around the country who are desperate to get a good sense of dietary needs instilled into their pupils.

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Fitness Blogger/Vlogger

There are no end of bloggers on the internet, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for a few more. There is always going to be a wanting to see people starting out on their fitness journey, and the before & after pictures alone are enough to keep people drawn to your website. If you’re not too good at putting your thoughts into words, you could consider the vlogging route; personalities such as The Rock and The Hodge Twins have dedicated channels which are focused on showing their viewers new workout routines to undertake, some of which they have made up themselves. Although it won’t be instant money, if you build up a following over a couple of years, you could eventually be making enough to ensure that this is your full-time job.