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What Does A Good Candidate Interview In 2023 Look Like?

Most businesses would still agree that the best way to start the employer-employee relationship is with the review of an application, and then a stringent interview. Here you can see the motivations and insight of those hoping to start a new role, and learn a little about their personality. Sure, you might curate questions and hypotheticals to ask them, but really an interview is about speaking to the person in-house, seeing how they conduct themselves, and if they’d be a good fir for your team.

That said, in 2023 many business procedures have been renewed. Most companies use online communication methods, video conferencing calls, mutual note-taking apps and more to schedule their productivity. So what might a good candidate interview look like in 2023? Could the results be notably different? 

In this post, we’ll discuss all of that and more, hopefully assisting you in finding the best staff for your needs:

Helpful Vetting

It’s true that perhaps the most important part of the job interview process is screening who should have an interview in the first place. After all, interviews cost time and company resources, and the last thing you need is to hire someone who may not be suitable for the role. 

After all, all candidates are motivated to present the best of themselves, and that’s not always a full picture of who they are. That’s not to say you deserve to know everything about them of course, just how they could perform for you. That said, pre employment screening can make sure you verify their references, or ensure their experience is proven.

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Depending on the role being sought after, being hired for a job is not always a super complex process. If you’re hiring a waiter for your restaurant, odds are you just need to make sure they’re familiar with the work, can communicate with confidence, are well-presented, and will help your company thrive

But for more complex roles, you may wish to implement multi-stage interview measures that help you properly explore your candidate’s experience. This might involve a questionnaire, a case study they can answer, asking them to give a presentation, or even an informal lunch to help you see their full personality. All of that will make a genuine difference to how you see this person and if they’re a good fit for your team. 

In 2023, you can also use remote video conferencing to get through more interviews more easily, and to hire from a potentially wider talent pool.


It’s all well and good for a candidate to discuss the experience they have, but asking examples of how they’ve contributed to certain team successes can help you see how they contextualize their past experience. This will also help you see how their personal skills can apply in a variety of contexts to the work you do, even if their past experience doesn’t fit perfectly with the role you have. It will also help you learn how the candidate thinks.

With this advice, you’re sure to interview alongside the best of them.