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Why Is Your Website Costing You Money?

The word in business is that websites are a big deal. In fact, if advice articles are anything to go by, this should be where the majority of your sales come from. It’s no wonder, then, that you rushed out and set up online the moment your idea came into being. But, there’s one problem. Despite your best marketing efforts, your site has yet to turn a profit. Your SEO is good, and your social media following is strong. You can even see from page analytics that traffic is flowing as it should. But, you still aren’t seeing any money.

This is something the majority of entrepreneurs dread. After all, at least if people aren’t coming to your page, you can focus on getting them there. But, if they’re coming and not buying, or buying and still leaving you out of pocket, things are trickier. In fact, it can feel impossible to find a way out. But, that’s not to say there isn’t one. All you need to consider is whether any of these issues are behind your failure to break a profit.

Something’s turning customers away

Consider, first, whether something is turning customers away. This is a real possibility if your website traffic looks good in theory. There could well be an obvious reason for people turning away before buying. Things to look out for include complicated layouts and slow loading times. Remember that speed is key. If customers have to wait, they’re less likely to stick around. Worse, it’s thought that 79% of shoppers who’ve had a bad experience won’t return. That’s serious business. To test these issues, check the amount of time each customer takes. Make sure, too, to keep your layout as simple as possible to avoid losing customers to confusion.

You’re spending too much

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you may be earning online, but you won’t see profits if you’re spending too much on your site. It may be that you’re paying too much on web hosting. Or, you could be overpaying for your internet supply. These extra expenses would ensure even a successful site costs you. To tackle these issues, shop around. Find a host who offers a better deal, or seek a fiber optic quote which is less than you pay at the moment. When you’re making these savings, you may start to see that profits aren’t so out of reach after all.

Your products don’t look the part

In a physical store, your items can speak for themselves. Customers can pick them up, see the complete picture, and make a decision based on that. Online, all they have to go by is your product pictures. As such, bad photos = lack of sales. If your products don’t look the part, it’s no wonder your site is costing money rather than making it. To tackle this, make sure to take time photographing your stock in the best light. Though you might not think it, this could make all the difference.