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Worth Your Salt: Here’s How To Get The Best Paying Jobs Every Time

If you want to ensure you will be in with a chance for the best paying jobs each and every time, then you will need to be worth your salt. This is an old saying that loosely translated means that you need to be good at your job and worth the time and effort a company took to employ you, something that you can find out more about in the post below.

Have a wide network

One way to prove yourself worth your salt and maneuver into the best paying positions at work is to take advantage of networking. Networking can be incredibly valuable in the business world, because not only does it put you into contact with people that can help your company and your career, but it ensures that you keep up to date with the latest trends and questions du jour in your field.

Also, as a bonus, a good network will allow you to find out about the best vacancies before they have even become official. Something that can help to provide you with the jump on the competition, and give you a serious advantage for the top paying roles.

Be a team player

Unfortunately, not all of us play nice in a group and this is something that might limit your ability to command the highest salaries. Yes, I know that those at the top usually get too make important decisions without conferring with too many people; however, they will have to have been a valued part of a team to get there.

What this means is that you need to be able to share ideas, and work together with other towards a shared goal if you have any hope of commanding the highest pay one day. Something you can find out more about in the clip below.

Master the tech in your trade  

Next, increasingly those that they worth their salt at work are employees that have a good grasp of the physical and informational technology that is being used in their field. In fact, as automation is becoming widespread the need to understand how this applies to the firm you are working in, as well as any problems they may encounter with this is enormous.

After all, if you can go in and make a business more efficient, and deal with IT issues that have previously gone unresolved, you are marking yourself out as a high-level player and worthy of a hefty salary.  

Demonstrate creativity

Higher paying positions in a business environment often require a substantial amount of creativity both in coming up with new concepts, products, and campaigns, as well as solving problems.

This means that if you want to prove you are worth your salt, you will embrace opportunities to show that you can think creatively and outside the usual confines of the problem to come up with a solution that saves your employer money, time, or helps them avoid a major disaster.

Of course, some people are naturally good at creative thinking. However, just like most other skills, it is possible to learn how to do this. Something you can find out more about developing and honing the video below.

Have the qualifications to back you up

Also, don’t forget that a way to strengthen your position and prove that you are worth employing is to have the formal qualification to back you up. For most people that used to mean attending college straight after school, a lengthy process that cost a great deal of money and delayed the start of your career by three or four years.

Luckily, you no longer have to do this to achieve a university degree that will help to boost your career and secure you a decent wage. In fact, you can study some of the top business degrees online now. This means that you can continue to work and climb the ladder while achieving your qualifications at the same time. Something that will make you a double threat when it comes to commanding a high salary.

Take a look at your attitude

Attitude is vital when it comes to employability, especially in the highest paying roles. In fact, there are two attitudes that you can demonstrate that will increases your chances of achieving the best paying jobs.

The first is to be someone that others want to not only be around but to work with. What that means is that you have a professional but approachable attitude and that you can both ask and be asked to do things without any major drama. These are the people that most of us want to be our colleges and by ensuring you fulfill these criteria, you make your bid for a top position much more viable.

Then there’s the other option, which is often affectionately known as a ‘ball buster.’ Yep, that’s right for some companies and some roles only a person that can be hard faced and not mind what anyone thinks of them will do. These are the folks that often get the high paying yet more controversial roles such as auditor, or redundancy consultants.

Although, unless you are naturally suited to this type of post you may want to think twice about it before you jump in, as it can make your day to day work life pretty tough!  

Put the work in

Lastly, there are many ways to prove your worth, but the one that is hardest and perhaps valued the most is simply to put the work in. Yes, we have all heard the story about folks that have had no prior experience or qualifications but have succeeded in business anyway, through sheer grit and determination.

Therefore if you show up early every day, stay late and keep your focus, as well as take on the tasks no one else wants, and spend your own time researching your chosen field you might just make it to the top.

Of course, you can make your chance of securing a top post much quicker and easier by using some of the other tactics in this post. However, if you want it enough, and luck is with you, you might just be able to show you’re worth your salt and that you deserve to be in the top salary bracket through hard work alone.