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4 Ways To Delicately Deal With A Workplace Injury

You hear it happen to other people and never think it will happen to you. Then, there is a slip or a fall in the office and you’re in a predicament. How on earth are you supposed to react? The American workplace is a highly sensitive and political organism and no one wants to break a link in the chain. Yet, suffering from another person or entity’s negligence isn’t fair. In fact, it’s wrong. How you react will impact your life for the foreseeable future. Therefore, here are four tricks of the trade to consider which center on delicacy. Hopefully, they’ll be of some use should an accident occur.

Don’t Speak

No Doubt is a bunch of musicians, but it seems they know a lot about workplace injuries. Like any incident involving two separate parties, it’s wrong to comment straight away. Let’s face it – you’re not qualified and shouldn’t have to anyway. However, if you do, the company may use your statements at a later date to kybosh the investigation. Rather than blab and feel the need to apologize, just tell everyone you are okay and thank them for their help. That way, no one can put words in your mouth.

But Do Record

There’s a chance a personal injury lawyer may think you have a solid case. And, if you are struggling, it makes sense to pursue a lawsuit to recover some compensation. However, you’ll need proof the accident occurred in the first place and you can’t trust your employer. When attorneys are involved, the waters get muddied and there is no such thing as being moral. Instead of relying on people you think you can trust, you should get it down in writing. It’s as simple as going to HR and reporting the incident and asking for a copy. Then, there is no doubt it happened on the date at the said time.

Leave It To The Lawyers

As soon as the company hears about a lawsuit, they will try and speak face to face. Usually, they try to put pressure on the employee and figure it out without going to trial. By all means, be polite and answer their questions as long as they are respectful and non-intimidating. Please don’t respond in specific detail, though. Indeed, it’s best to deal with the formalities and say “I think the lawyers should deal with the rest.” Hopefully, this will stop you from saying anything which could be used as evidence in court.

Claim Sick Pay

Sometimes, the only option is to get out of the office altogether to avoid nastiness. How is it possible? Well, you can get a doctor to give you an examination and ask for a note. If they sign on the dotted line, the employer will have to allow you to take leave from work with full pay. Of course, you should only go down this route if the injury is painful or there are psychological impacts. For example, stress from the proceedings.

With these tips, you should be able to limit the damage of suffering an injury at work.