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Why Starting a Business Isn’t as Expensive as You Think

Perhaps you’ve seen all of the advertisements and success stories over the internet about a regular employee making it big when they decided to create their own company. Maybe you’ve read about the YouTuber successes where people can make hundreds in a single day working at home in their own time. There are plenty of ways to start a business now and with so many ideas out there, the idea is bound to have crossed your mind at least once or twice in the past.

However, the thing that may have put you off is the cost of starting up a business and the potential failure. According to, conventional wisdom says that around 90% of all startups fail. However, if you look at the data, this simply isn’t true.

Another potential issue that you may have encountered is money. From getting a website started to hiring employees and renting out office space, starting up a business can seem daunting and pricey. However, we’re here to show you that building up your own business isn’t nearly as expensive as you think it is.

The essential tools of any dedicated entrepreneur. (Source)

Business Ideas Are Varied

Most people consider a business as something that offers a product or a service in exchange for money. That’s the “basic” form of a business and it’s what most people think of when they imagine a business. However, businesses can be more than just that–far more.

As shown in this post at, you can make big money from just blogging. Yes, writing about your experiences, products or randomly ranting can make you lots of money if you know how. Just take a look at YouTubers that do ridiculous things such as soaking in a bath of milk. While the income amounts can vary, it’s clear that in this day and age you can make money doing virtually anything as long as there’s a market for it and you know how to advertise it.

As such, don’t think of business ideas as typical supply and demand of products and services. What’s in demand now can be information and entertainment, two things that can be provided without any cost to the supplier.

Digital Solutions Make Businesses Cheap

From getting rid of expensive paper solutions with to hiring remote work from across the world, digital solutions have given power to business owners that don’t want to spend ludicrous amounts of money.

There are countless ways to use digital solutions to make business operation cheaper. Don’t want to hire an accountant? No problem, there are cloud accounting services that are a fraction of the cost and equally as efficient. Don’t want to hire an employee? Simply look online for outsourcing services or freelancers that are willing to work for you–sometimes even for free so they can get experience.

With so many money-saving solutions available thanks to technology, it’s possible to start up a business for less money than it would cost you to eat out for dinner tonight.