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The Best Frost Resistant Vegetables For Your Garden

Garden enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting spring time, when they get the chance to prepare their gardens for bloom, map out its colors, and enjoy the sight of birds returning to the trees. It’s no wonder spring and gardening go hand-in-hand, yet you can easily keep your surroundings beautiful during fall and winter too – as long as you know what to plant.

Image credit: Pexels

While most plants prefer a sunny and warm environment, you get a few oddballs who enjoy the chilly seasons just as much. We’re talking frost resistant plants, of course, and here is a handful of the best types to plant all over your garden this fall, keeping it green and luscious throughout the winter.

Why frost tolerant plants?

Besides from maintaining its looks and ensuring that you have a lovely garden to feast your eyes on, homeowners have a few additional reasons to continue with gardening during the cold seasons as well. By learning the kind of vegetables that tolerate frost quite well, you’ll be able to extend the growing season and get a head start by planting them as early as possible.

When everything is gray and dismal outside, the frost tolerant plants will also produce the first hints of colors in your garden in early spring or even late winter, brightening up your view and reminding you that there’s still life out there.

Before removing your summer beddings and prepare them for your fall plants, it’s a good idea to get that gardening to-do list over with. You’d want to check up on all your tools, first of all, such as those for chain cutting and pruning so that it doesn’t rust away during the winter. Tidy up in your shed as well as any poor hedgehog may wander in to stay warm – and you don’t want them to get stuck or hurt by anything.

Have a look at the seed packages before purchasing to make sure that they’re frost tolerant – and keep in mind that, even though they can handle a bit of frost, few of these plants will survive a particularly frosty winter. When snow and freezing temperatures persist, give them shelter or cover them up to keep them healthy and happy.

Frost tolerant vegetables

You get a few vegetables that will actually thrive in the cold rather than warm weather, particularly those in the Brassicaceae family, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. These guys will grow in late fall as well as early spring and is a great addition to a chilly-ish vegetable garden, and will perform excellently as long as it’s not freezing outside.

Some root crop that doesn’t mind a chilly week either includes carrots, parsnips, onions, and turnips. It’s good to remember that new or recently sprouted plants are more vulnerable, so keep them in pots you can move to a shelter when it gets too cold.

You can actually keep a few leafy greens as well when fall arrives, such as spinach, kale, and collard greens. They’ll keep your garden green and pretty for a bit longer, and you can simply move them to a container and back inside if it gets too frosty.

Fall is a great time for gardening too – and a rather busy season for the most avid gardeners. Keep it neat and maintained, protect your crops from the toughest weather, and continue to enjoy a view full of life.