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The Guide To Easy Student Living

Living as a student is something that can be pretty difficult; it’s going to be your first time living away from home, which means you’re going to have to pay rent, utility and buy your own food, as well as finding the time and money after your studies to be going out with your friends! Stereotypically, this is a very difficult time for everyone financially, but there are a few strategies you can use to make life easier, whether that’s making use of a service like Hybr to assist with the accommodation side of things and help with managing the student-landlord relationship you’ll need to maintain, or finding a way to help manage your budgets better throughout your time as a student. There are plenty of solutions out there, and listed below are just a few of those you can look into.

Get A Credit Card

People normally stay away from credit cards, however if you’ve got full control over your temptations then this should be something you’re considering. Every single student will rack up some form of debt during their time studying, it’s inevitable, and it happens because people often run out of money. By preparing for this by getting a credit card from websites like, if your bank account does indeed hit the zero figure you’ve still got access to money if you need it! This is useful if you find yourself needing money to get you by for a few days, you can take it out on the card and pay it back later!

Online Work

Students are a valuable commodity to online employers,  but why? Well, you’re studying at a graduate level, which is what a lot of people want their hands on. In your subject area, there is going to be chances to write articles for people online about your area of study, whether it be politics, english, biology, anything! This is why it’s good to snoop around on sites like to see if there are any people who want the skills that you have! If you land a regular job online then eventually you are going to want a pay rise, so you need to learn how to negotiate one!


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Debt Consolidation

As we’ve already covered, basically every single student is going to find themselves in some serious levels of debt, so you’re going to need to learn how to avoid the repayment being a pain! There is a solution though, else we wouldn’t be talking about it! Debt consolidation loans created directly for students can help. You can get them off sites like and they’re clever in the way they work. The biggest pain with debt is that you can’t quite keep a track of everything because it’s being paid back to multiple institutions, but with these loans they pay off all your debt and then one single repayment each month is made to the loan company so you know exactly how much is going out of your account per month!

It’s good to do all of these things during your time as a student just to make life that bit easier; you’ll have a credit card to get you out of financial trouble if you run out of cash, you’ll have a little part time earner that you can do online and at the end of it all you can pay it all back in one easy installation per month.